Discounted Divination Readings until 10/31!

Okay, so, money’s tight for me, but it’s always getting better (and there’s much more to wealth than monetary numbers, anyway).  Still, there are some upcoming expenses that I need to pay off, including a few plane tickets and otherwise prohibitively expensive books.  Since divination’s something I like to do and can do well, let’s do this: from Sunday, 9/15, through Thursday, 10/31, I’ll be offering discounted rates on divination readings.  Instead of the normal $30 for a reading, Here’s what I’m charging:

  • $10 for a single query
  • $40 for five queries, or if you submit four $10 single-query requests within this timespan, you get a fifth for free

The process of divination will be the same as normal, where you clicky-click on a PayPal button below, then once I get the payment request, we’ll start talking over email.  For my line of divination, keep in mind that I’m much more a worldly advisor than cosmic seer: I like to help people with down-to-earth, real-world problems and issues.  To that end, the best queries will be clear, concise, and direct.  We’ll hash the query out over email and I’ll get you an answer, and we can talk about methods of action for advising afterward.  All the same rules, etc. apply as for normal readings (you can get all that over on the Services page).  This only applies to divination readings obtained through the Internet by email, and is only valid through the last day of October 2013.

PayPal Button: Geomancy Reading Special (1 Query)Geomancy Reading Special (1 Query)

PayPal Button: Geomancy Reading Special (5 Queries)Geomancy Reading Special (5 Queries)

If you’ve gotten a reading from me before, feel free to leave a testimony (if you so desire) in the comments.  After doing 40 divinations this past Tuesday in the service of Hermes, a good number of people have gotten good worth out of my readings.  Feel free to share this and spread the word; the world needs answers, and I’m more than willing to do my best to provide people with them.  If this goes well, you might expect to see more of these discounted months every so often.

2 responses

  1. If you are as good as I am at Divinations of all sort and conclude your readings always with a “crap, again just gibberisch”, than by all means: Take advantage of this special offer!

    Polyphanes truely knows his shit (am I allowed to write that on here?)! His way of reading your charts and his choice of words makes his accurate and precise interpretations not only a wonderfull read but also a highly helpful source of information concerning your query!

    Trust me, you will not regret it!

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