Crying of Calls 49: Lunar Recap

I mentioned recently that I got Jason Miller’s excellent Advanced Planetary Magic, which, again, you should totally get, since it’s worth far more than the cost.  It’s a collection of 49 short prayers or invocations to be used during different combinations of the planetary hours and days for different ends (so there’s a Moon/Saturn call to be done in an hour of the Moon on the day of Saturn, a Saturn/Moon call to be done in an hour of Saturn on the day of the Moon, etc.).  As part of his goal to get this magic out in the world and practiced by the masses, Mr. Miller started up a project called The Crying of Calls 49, where people participate by calling out one of the calls each for 49 consecutive days in the proper hour for a given week.  So, the first week is for the Moon calls, the second week for the Mercury calls, and so forth.  I’m posting my results in the Facebook group for the project, but I also thought I’d share my results and experiences with you all as well.    I won’t share what the Calls are or what they’re for, since you should go buy the ebook and find out for yourself, but the astute among you will figure it out.

This past week, Monday 7/8 through Sunday 7/14, we did the calls to the Moon.  Below are my experiences and thoughts:

7/8: Moon/Moon (No original write-up for this one)

Did the Luna/Luna call in the first hour of the Moon at dawn, as part of my morning prayers, but before any other occult or prepwork.  Lit a candle and two sticks of jasmine incense, called on the presence and power of the Moon, then visualized the symbol of the Moon (dark indigo on purple).  I drew out the sigil of the Moon silver on purple, then called out A nine times and the Call nine times.  Afterwards, I inhaled the Lunar sigil and closed out.

Very smooth, relaxed feeling.  Soothing, calming, but also very clear, as if clouds had opened up.  Little else, though; this wasn’t a spectacularly powerful call, but perhaps it was due to the lack of preparation and alignment with the planets beforehand.  Will try to Call the Sevenths and some other prepwork in the future.  Still, that bit of clarity…it’s like opening up in a weird, back-and-top-of-the-head spiritual way, like I’m just a lil’ more aware, a lil’ more out there than just all here.

7/9: Moon/Mars (Combined with a chat with the lovely Rachel Izabella)

Just did the Luna/Mars call, in the second hour of the Moon. Opened up with my version of Calling the Sevenths, lit a candle and some jasmine and pine incense, and prayed the Orphic Hymn of the Moon. I then called for her aid, visualizing her glyph purple on a red background, and visualized drawing the sigil of the Moon, silver on red. I intoned O-A nine times, then cried out the Luna/Mars call nine times as well; afterwards, I inhaled the Lunar sigil and closed out.

Dang, this is like being really pumped up, like a near-dire pep rally before a big battle. I haven’t felt this kind of emotional boiling in a while, much less with this kind of weird clarity and sharpness that doesn’t often accompany it. (If only I had this call back in my Linkin Park days…)  Basically, it’s a rush of emotion but with this weird pointed clarity. I’ve felt similar rushes before, often in no good times (think Rubeus), but this is different. Much different. Like it’s a distinct blending of Mars and Luna, like in a cake that’s been badly blended: it’s overall good, but you can taste the individual ingredients.  The blend of emotion I feel now gave me a kind of rushed, pointed epiphany: self-identification with emotion, and by extension anything, is pretty much BS. Parable of the mirror and that kind of shit.  Distinctly fiery, yet still distinctly emotional.

7/10: Moon/Mercury

Spoke the Luna/Mercury call out loud without any prepwork in the second lunar hour of the day today. Got a light, smooth feeling, but not much else. I redid the call in the third lunar hour, preceding it with a short Calling of the Sevenths, lighting a candle, lighting jasmine and cinnamon incense, praying the Orphic Hymn to the Moon, and visualizing the Moon’s glyph (in purple) and sigil (in silver) on orange. Called out E-A nine times, then did the call nine times. I thanked the powers, “inhaled” the sigil, and closed the ritual.

It’s definitely a smooth and cool influence, much different than the Luna/Mars combination yesterday, and it “blends” a lot better, too. It’s a very lofty, swift feeling, mostly in my head and neck area, but it’s pretty mental, too. Calming without slackness, observant but not detached; I feel like I could easily get into someone’s head and compassionately/intuitively understand and work with them.

7/11: Moon/Jupiter

Performed the Luna/Jove call in the second lunar hour today, with the same setup as last night (short Sevenths-Calling ritual, candle, jasmine and cedar incense burning, Orphic Hymn to the Moon). Pictured the glyph of the Moon in purple on blue, and the sigil of the Moon in silver on blue. The silver didn’t seem to “stick” this time; it seemed tarnished and darkened against the blue, which was interesting. Called out Υ-A nine times, then the Call nine times.

This is definitely a peaceful feeling, strongly and deeply calming. Despite being an eternal caffeine junkie, this almost feels like I’m in an isolation tank; my mind is very calm and steady, but there’s something deeper further down as well that’s not often felt. Despite the “silver” of the sigil being darkened, I’m wondering if that reflects the deeper, darker reaches of this Call, since it still felt appropriate to the night and settings. The forces of the planets don’t seem to “blend” tonight as much as they resonate together; it’s whole and unified, ambient yet pervasive. Still maintains that “clear” feeling I’ve had with the rest of the Lunar calls thus far, too.

7/12: Moon/Venus

Did the Luna/Venus call in the third lunar hour today. Same setup as before: short Sevenths-calling, candle, rose/jasmine incense, Orphic Hymn to the Moon, Moon’s glyph purple on green, Moon’s sigil silver on green, called out H-A nine times, followed by the Call nine times. I also managed to read out the call three times under my breath on the train this morning in the first hour with no prep otherwise.

Very subtle effect this time; it may be due to a headache or fatigue I had at the time of the ritual, but it’s very toned-down in nature. Still, what I do feel is highly pleasant, like a massage running up and down my spine. I got a slight tingle this morning when I read it barely out loud on the train, and noticed that work went smoother and more relaxed than normal; now that I’ve done the ritual proper, I just feel pleasant and cuddly. (This may be to my own astrological influences of Venus and Luna, which are both in Virgo in my chart in house 5, but this is just conjecture on my part.) Still, it does make me wish my boyfriend were here at the moment, but not in any wistful or sad way; it’s like a happy longing, if it can be said that way.

Over the night, I had a fairly in-depth and detailed dream, which was pretty sexual in nature. It was like one long tease for both me and the Other, who was somehow alluring but was “composed” or based off of people I’d find otherwise, well, unfuckable. Hot tubs were also involved, which was awesome.

7/13: Moon/Saturn

Did the Luna/Saturn call tonight in the second lunar hour of the day. Cleansed myself beforehand with holy water, did a full Sevenths-calling ritual, lit a candle and myrrh/jasmine incense, called on the Moon picturing her glyph purple on black, called out the Orphic Hymn to the Moon, then visualized the sigil of the Moon silver on black intoning Ω-A nine times, followed by the Call nine times. Since this is the first one whose target is not me, I dedicated this beforehand to any who would stand in my way or would stand to strike me down.

This is interesting. Once the sigil was drawn (the silver of it took on an ephemeral, misty, cloudy quality this time, though bright all the same), the “mood” changed and gained that familiar, heavy, somber Saturnine feeling to it, but not oppressively so as it has in past purely-Saturn rituals. The Moon gave it that continuing clarity, like a single silver light in the darkness kept only to myself. I felt oddly satisfied, though grimly so, as if I just had to take care of unpleasant business. I’d call this feeling mischievousness if it weren’t for the heaviness of it. It feels like I’m a little extra alert, like I have nightvision or something, and while my own sphere feels calm and guarded, outside it feels like satisfying chaos.  I’d liken this feeling to Santigold’s music video for L.E.S. Artistes.

7/14: Moon/Sun

Did the Luna/Sol call in the first hour today, after my prayers, meditation, weekly banishing, and Sevenths-calling rite. Opened up as normal, lighting a candle with jasmine and frankincense incense, visualized the Moon’s glyph purple on yellow, called upon her and sang the Orphic Hymn to her, then intoned Ι-A nine times followed by the Call nine times, visualizing the Moon’s sigil silver on yellow. Afterward, I inhaled the sigil, as usual. (Hey, at least the ritual setup is easy enough to follow.)

The smell of frankincense and jasmine didn’t really work too great at first, and there was some similar confusion in the feel of the ritual as the sigil was being drawn; once I-A was intoned, things seemed to “align” like at a new or full moon, and it was just a feeling of pure Lux, neither moonlight nor sunlight, neither nighttime nor daytime. I felt this “cycle” reaching down from the heavens down through me, and likewise back up from the earth through me to the heavens, like I was plugged into something much greater. This is definitely a solar effect, and there’s less of the clarity I’ve experienced with the other Luna/* calls (maybe the force of the Sun on his day overpowers that of the Moon in her hour?).

Still, it felt like there was much greater access to the higher realms, and put a good finish on this week of lunar calls that opened up with a call for celestial clarity and astral action (oh god, now I’m alliterating too). Here’s looking forward to the next 42 days and Calls!

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  1. Hello! I have enjoyed the article very much. In the example, in the inner circle, to the right of the glyph for mars. What is?

    And how do you choose the moon or saturn to start drawing it in the outer circle?
    Thank you very much.

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