A Devotional Prayer

A devotional prayer I was inspired to write one morning recently.  I ended up using some of the formulas below in my freeform devotional or contemplational prayers to the Almighty Source, but honestly it can be redirected to any god in the right context, if appropriate.  Just thought I’d share.

Blessed are you, who grant good things, in time of hardship and in time of prosperity.
Blessed are you, who guide, lead, protect, and shelter us who follow.
Blessed are you, who illumine, enlighten, empower, and free, light in darkness and darkness in light.
Blessed are you, who as One are All and within whom are All as One.

May every idea be thought for you!
May every word be spoken for you!
May every letter be written for you!
May every emotion be felt for you!
May every motion be moved for you!
May every path be walked for you!
May every action be made for you!

6 responses

  1. This is quite similar to my seven daily prayers, wow! Each prayers contains seven blessings like the ones above, this is great synchronicity!

    • I hadn’t even counted the lines in the prayer, so this is synchronicitous indeed. What prayers do you use in your work, if I may ask? They’re not the ones from the Munich Manual (which I know you’ve worked on extensively before), are they?

  2. I worked on my own set of prayers, calling upon sevenplanetary angel each day, and giving praise top seven facets of God:

    Sunday: (with solar overtones)


    Praise the Lord God, who in the first day said Let there be light, and there was, and who parted the light from darkness and called the light day and the darkness night!

    Praise the Lord God, who alone is master over the deepest shadows and the most blinding lights!

    Praise the Lord God, emperor of all emperors, before whom all that is living bows with uttmost humility!

    Praise the Lord God, king of kings, whose one hand chastises and one hand gives bounty!

    Praise the Lord God, treasure of treasures, keeper of all seen and unseen tresures of His kingdom!

    Praise the Lord God, master of all masters, who righteously rules and commands over all things created by Him!

    Praise the Lord God, lord of all lords, who sits upon the cherubim in the highest!

  3. I’m thinking what Deities, as opposed to a One Deity, to whom to say this prayer. Aion, Abrasax, Helios-Re and Hekate-Selene as seen in the PGM come to mind. And Zeus and Jupiter. And Iao Sabaoth. I can’t think of any others at the moment for Whom it would be appropriate. —I wish I knew more about Egyptian thought and Egyptian Gods, because perhaps I could add to this sparse list then.

    • Well, you ll have to do your own prayer then, not just copy one. This is one sign of devotion, composing your own hymn and putting time and effort into it, as well as significance in its words.

    • Either or, of course. A single prayer can be used in any number of ways (think of all the uses of individual psalms, for example). I’ve seen similar attributed to a number of goddesses, especially sky, ocean, and love ladies.

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