De Geomanteia Recap, and a Huge Thank You

As I mentioned last time, I completed the small little journey I set out on about five months ago to describe each of the geomantic figures and a bit about geomantic technique on my blog at the rate of one post per week.  It’s been a fantastic trip, and I hope you guys got a lot out of it; it encouraged me to dig through my old notes and meditations on the subject, as well as having spurred me to do more original geomantic research.  Since some people like things being made easy for them, I present to you a list of all the De Geomanteia posts I made, separated out into the posts on technique and the figures.

The posts on geomantic technique:

  1. On the Via Puncti and its variations in the shield chart
  2. On perfection, aspect, favorability, and affirmation
  3. On determining time and timeframes with geomancy
  4. On using geomancy and the figures in magic and ritual

The posts on the geomantic figures (not in chronological order):

  1. Populus
  2. Via
  3. Albus
  4. Coniunctio
  5. Puella
  6. Amissio
  7. Fortuna Maior
  8. Fortuna Minor
  9. Puer
  10. Rubeus
  11. Acquisitio
  12. Laetitia
  13. Tristitia
  14. Carcer
  15. Caput Draconis
  16. Cauda Draconis

Feel free to share this or any of the other posts in the De Geomanteia series.  This certainly won’t be the end of geomancy posts here at the Digital Ambler, that’s for sure, so keep an eye out for more meditations on the figures and technique in the future.

Also, I wanted to thank all my readers for making this an awesome week.  On Tuesday, the Digital Ambler crossed the 100,000 hit mark, which is a fantastic milestone.  It’s a nontrivial thing, too, since the blog has only been online for less than two years!  Between Facebook, Twitter, and other people’s blogs and sites, I’ve been getting lots of traffic in ways I wouldn’t’ve imagined a year or so ago (like from Bungie gaming forums or discussions of grimoires I’ve only dreamed of working with).  You guys are awesome for having helped me out and been with me on this fantastic Hermetic journey, and I see no signs of it stopping anywhere soon.  Keep reading, dear readers, and I hope you enjoy the future with me.

Happy geomancing and happy ambling, you guys!

17 responses

  1. Congratulations polyphanes ! ! . . . . . you did it . We’re still hoping to read more like esoteric. herbal medicines . and tantras or magic words .

    • Unfortunately, I’m neither a tantrika nor an herbalist, but I do pass over an herbal recipe or two every now and then that I find useful. We’ll see what we will see!

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    • There are methods to determine names with geomancy; John Michael Greer presents one such method in his book “Art and Practice of Geomancy”. However, I’ve tried these methods myself and haven’t found any reliable way of determining names with geomantic divination. Other people have found these same methods to work, though, so you might do well to get a copy of JMG’s book and give them a try yourself.

      Instead of asking for a name from geomancy, I’d suggest asking (a) whether the thief/future spouse/someone is someone you know, and then (b) whether it’s a particular person you ask about (e.g. “Is Mary going to be my future spouse?”). Perfection between the 1st and 7th houses in either question will tell you the answer.

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  11. I’ve enjoyed your blogs on geomancy immensely, and find them as able a resource as Greer’s books, 3 books of Occult philosophy, and Al Cummins’ recent classes on the subject. I’m developing a card deck for use with the usual generation of figures methods, to serve as a quick reference for a quicker more intuitive reading at a glance so geomancy can get some more interest into it at last. You can see my project at

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