Quick Empowerment Ritual

Want a short and fast empowerment ritual?  How fortuitous, because here’s one for you to try out!

I got the idea after talking with Fr. Rufus Opus and getting a short Hermes contemplative ritual from him.  It was his special kind of mashup between a Trithemius-style conjuration, invocation of a god, and contemplation, which turned out really well.  At the beginning, the ritual uses the climactic line and descriptor of intent from the Headless Rite (PGM V.96) to solidify the magician’s power and authority in the cosmos.  It’s basically a consolidation and concentration of the entire force of the Headless Rite into a short statement of intent, which works pretty awesomely.  It’s not a substitute for the whole Headless Rite, but it works as a shorter version of the Preliminary Invocation.  I’ve gotten into the habit of using it before any major ritual and incorporating it into my morning ritual schema.

If you have it, anoint your forehead and palms with Abramelin or similar solar/holy oil.  Face north, and either raise both your arms up in a Y-formation (generic pose of power) or with the right hand extended in front of you and the left up and behind you (Egyptian fighting pose).  and say the following words of power.  Imagine them glowing across your forehead, with the beneficial sign in the middle.  In Greek letters and in transliterated Roman:



Headless Rite Sacred Symbol

Extend the arms out to your sides, palms facing forward, and say the following incantation.  While saying the incantation, feel the words vibrate throughout the cosmos, and feel yourself taking in and incorporating all of existence within you as a king would his kingdom.  I’ve provided the incantation in four variations: Greek text, transliterated Roman, translated from the PGM, and the Liber Samekh variant translation:


Hypotaxon moi panta da daimonia hina moi ē hypēkoos pas daimōn ouranios kai aitherios kai epigeios kai hypogeios kai khersaios kai enhydros kai pasa epipompē kai mastix Theou.

Subject to me all spirits so that every spirit heavenly and ethereal, upon the earth and under the earth, and on dry land or in the water, and every aversion and scourge of God may be obedient to me.

Subject to me all spirits, so that every spirit whether heavenly or ethereal or upon the earth or under the earth, on dry land or in the water, of whirling air or rushing fire and every spell and scourge of God may be obedient to me.

A note on the translations: the Greek text says “…pasa epipompē kai mastix Theou” at the end, which I translated as “…every aversion and scourge of God” but which Liber Samekh reads “…every spell and scourge of God”.  The difference lies in the word “epipompē”, literally “sending upon”.  The term is one of two ways classical thinkers defined an exorcism or banishment.  The first, “apopompē”, just means “sending away”, or a general GTFO to an evil spirit, curse, disease, demon, or harmful spirit.  “Epipompē” is a specific kind of banishing where you redirect the evil influence to another target, e.g. “instead of harming me, go find some whore in the street who really deserves this” or “bring your blessings to me and send away all maladies to the ends of the earth”.  This part about “every spell and scourge of God” means any harm or curse, intentional or accidental, that could possibly have supernatural causes, which a magician would also like to have control over in addition to any other spirit.

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  1. I gotta ask, what’s the difference between an initiation rite and an empowerment rite, aren’t both the same? Any is there any fat chance this rite will imbue me with solar energies?

    • An initiation is where a doorway is opened for you and you walk through it; it opens up new parts of yourself and the cosmos for you to explore and work with that you couldn’t or weren’t allowed to access before. Empowerment, on the other hand, helps you do more of what you already can, or do it better in some way; it doesn’t change what you have the capacity for, but it does boost what you can do within your capacity. In some cases, initiations can also empower, and empowerments can also initiate, but this isn’t always the case.

      This is how I define them, at least. Some traditions use them interchangeably, but I don’t think they’re the same. I’ve walked away from a conjuration with more power but nothing new (empowerment without initiation), and I’ve also left rituals completely drained but having “leveled up”, so to speak (initiation without empowerment).

      Though I link the Headless Rite with solar forces (some don’t), I don’t think this shorter invocation would do the same. It’s more of a pure force empowerment that focuses on authority, which isn’t strictly a solar thing, although it may have faint or dim connections with the Sun. For imbuing or initiating yourself into solar forces, I’d suggest doing the Headless Rite in full (repeatedly and frequently) or talking with Apollo/Helios/Michael.

  2. Most of the ritual I have read are instructing to face magical east ., is there any difference ? I have not tried any ritual , was it safe for a new practitioner ? Thank You polyphanes !

    • Many rituals like the east because that’s the direction of the rising sun, associated with God, Jesus, the Infinite Light, the Ascendant, etc. Many cultures associate the rising Sun with immortality and divinity. However, in Egyptian culture (in which the Headless Rite was based), north is the direction of the “immortal gods”, or the stars that never set below the horizon (e.g. the stars of the Big Dipper, the Pole Star, and the constellation Draco). So, to the Egyptians, north was seen as the direction of power and divinity.

      I’ve used the Headless Rite and the abbreviated version above facing north in some cases and east in others with equal results, so it’s a matter of preference. While the above ritual, being abbreviated, doesn’t have the full impact of the Headless Rite performed in earnest, I’d say it falls at low risk for ritual dangers. Keep in mind that you’re making yourself powerful through contact with raw Authority itself, so if you’re not ready or haven’t obtained the experience to make use of that power and authority, you might do some harm to yourself. That goes with any empowerment ritual.

      • Thank You Very Much polyphanes .I am realyy interested to try one ritual to ask help for a healing power. I like to help humanity most especially the unfortunate, dying without any cure . Again Thank You !

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