Planar Sightseeing

Part of the recent wand consecration work I was doing involved lots of conjurations, so I took the opportunity to do twelve straight days of conjuration, working with a different angel and force each day (seven days for the seven planets, four for the four elements, and one for my natal genius).  I’ve been lazy these past few months…okay, no, I’ve been lazy the past half year and haven’t done nearly as many conjurations, projects, or things as I should have (remember those conjurations of Orobas and Viagrahel I said I was gonna do eventually?).  So, I decided to take it upon myself to do almost two weeks of conjurations, similar to the recent Gate ordeal that Frater Rufus Opus had everybody do (that I couldn’t due to other obligations at the time).

Each of these conjurations involved calling down the angel associated with that particular force, aligning myself and my sphere with that force, and gaining an initiation deeper into that sphere if the angel thought I was ready for it.  This process of initiation is effectively passing through a Gate, which involved a bit of scrying and actually seeing the plane in question.  I took notes of what each sphere looked like to me, at least in this series of conjurations, and I thought I’d share it with you guys.  Keep in mind that I don’t view these as canonical, objective, or in any way standard for people, and I’ve been shown different places of different spheres based on when I visit them.  In a lot of ways, they’re influenced by Alan Moore’s comic “Promethea” or the images in the Smith-Waite tarot deck of the four Kings, but that’s not always the case.

  • Mercury: A sprawling port city on an island mountainside, set in the middle of an archipelago of other port cities.  Complicated, labyrinthine roads with all manner of shops, cafés, temples, libraries, and workshops in all places, all set next to each other haphazardly.  A park is situated on the top of the mountain overlooking the city and the nearby towns, set in bright orange, yellow, and dark hues.  Buzzing, full of chatter, sprawling, yet always moving and warping.  Lights stream along the rooftops and roads like circuitry.
  • Jupiter: The deepest almost-black blue skies reach upward, turning bright white down at the horizon with a thick layer of clouds beneath.  Stars, pale and small, dot the apex of the sky above.  A tall castle tower made of rough-hewn, ancient stone reaches infinitely high from beneath the clouds.  Cool, calm, proud.  Always atop a stone or castle-esque tower, or looking out from one.  The clouds clear up on command to reveal lush countrysides, nascent towns, glacial rivers, and temperate forests far, far below; eagles fly across the sky.  The sound of wind and crackling from the stars is notable.
  • Venus: A long, long beach, with a dark emerald ocean and light blue-green skies.  Light pale orange or gold sand, smooth and tingly-warm.  Smooth grey stone walls and walkways, neatly fit together without mortar, with bursts of ivy and roses covering patches of a wall.  The wall is only 10′ or so high, but there are occasional cracks and ruined colonnades along the walkways, almost all of which are also covered by ivy and roses.  The water is warm and soft, the sand moist and sinks in easily under one’s feet.  The smell of sweat and floral musk wash along the air with the sounds of soft chatter and waves breaking.
  • Saturn: Infinitely flat fields of white grass below, a sky full of impenetrably black clouds above, with a horizon of a pale white glow.  The grass was wispy, like feathers or mist, and had a quality of stars or luminous dust to them.  No structures, no hills, no variation in the landscape no matter how far one traveled.  Cold, with implications but no sensations of breeze as the grass silently shifted back and forth.  Dark, though not shadowy; though there was no light source, everything could be seen.  Silence dominated, heavy but not oppressive.
  • Sun: Golden-orange fields, like a savanna, still and peaceful.  Silent, just before the dawn, just as things are on the brink of activity and energy, though radiant with it in all ways.  Everything gleams and glistens, every leaf on every bush and brush, every cloud in the sky.  Temples and holy structures stand atop hills, but very widely-spaced out from each other, visible only from a distance.  Walkways are worn into the grass, dry smooth patches of earth between fields of orange-gold grass.  Warm, healthful.  Occasionally wings will beat, occasionally footfalls of cats.  Still, peaceful, strong, rejuvenating, stable.
  • Moon: Silver rocky plains, covered in shadow, but full of wispy, ethereal forms.  A very slight glow emanates from the dust and stones, with promontories and mesas dotting the landscape.  Slight vegetation, pale green or brown, surround barely-tread roads leading off into the distance.  A mixture of humble houses, hastily-assembled huts, and elaborate kingdoms of crystal can be seen on the horizons, though not all of them are as concrete as the stones underneath.  Jagged crystals glimmer in the light shining onto the ground, jutting up from the ground like frozen geysers, while a multitude of stars vividly shine in the pitch black darkness of the sky above.
  • Mars: A rocky, dusty desert, covered in boulders and fumaroles, with jagged mountain ranges and volcanoes in the distance.  Remnants of roads and pathways can be seen across a scarred, pockmarked landscape, with rivers of fire and lava here and there.  An occasional spring or waterfall can be seen, but the water is invariably scalding, acidic, caustic, or otherwise inhospitable to comfortable living.  Fireballs occasionally rain from the cloudy, dark red skies, most of which burn up before reaching the ground, and most of what’s left landing in the fire rivers and lava lakes.  Statues of soldiers bearing shields and swords or of crying eyeless maidens line the few roads that are left.  No structures or vegetation to be found.
  • Fire: A sea of fire with bright blue, clear skies above, with islands of dark, dry, barren earth covered with sulfuric sands.  The air is dry, parched, and desiccating, and all is blisteringly hot.  No clouds in the sky, and the sky has a pale yellow tinge in an otherwise bright October blue.  The ground is dusty and dry, with walkways above the fire leading around pits and clefts, almost like a catwalk or a land bridge.  The fire is infinite in all directions, with the brightest sun shining directly overhead with no shadow being cast anywhere.
  • Air: A temperate forest near the top of a cliff, with a bright blue sky and a shining, glimmering, silvery sun above and a beach with vibrantly white sand below.  Dark, deep blue waters with white wave caps crash gently with a gentle breeze at the base, and a stronger wind blows constantly through the dark, deep green treetops.  Pines, evergreens, and thin deciduous trees dominate, with sandy, pale soil underneath.  Lots of shadows cover the forest floor, and the smell of treesap and ocean accentuate the air’s poppy, sparkling feel.  No structures, but pathways abound between the trees and around the cliff, a dark almost grey stone.  Few “lively” colors, mostly dark or anti-pastel.
  • Water: An endless sea, dark blue-green in color, with a light, almost grey blue-lavender sky above.  White clouds dot the sky, illuminated with no sun.  The water is slow-moving with no whitecaps, though a brisk and cold breeze blows over it.  A simple, flat, grey, unadorned walkway sits right above the water’s edge, dry though appearing from the water itself.  In the distance, ships and floating cities can be seen, though this simple concrete pontoon bridge is much simpler and much smaller.  The water gently laps at the sides of the stone platform, and the water itself is warm.  The platform is a simple dock leading from water back to water on all sides, no vegetation present.
  • Earth: Gold-green skies shine above lush green bushes, leafy and vibrant.  Tall, tropical or temperate trees grow everywhere, thick and plentiful, with the soil below a dark, rich brown.  The soil is soft, though thick and heavy, crumbling apart like powdered sugar in the hands.  Grass, leaves, and roots gently crunch under footfalls, and the air has a warm, pleasant, almost seaside-like breeze.  Small structures dot the landscape, mostly on hills that look over the forests, mostly huts and small stone structures, each holding a small family or resident, sometimes a traveler, sometimes a permanent settlement.  The air smells richly of vegetation and fruit, though with the sharp tang of dust and warm stone.

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