Prayer of Anointing

Since I’m in a sharing mood, here’s another prayer I ended up developing in my own practice.  After my morning prayers and meditation, I usually follow it up with an anointing of Abramelin oil (or any other oils I might need that day, e.g. King of Solomon oil for wisdom if I’m doing readings, or Money Drawing oil if I’m going to a show to sell stuff), some prayer, and then follow that up with my daily attuning.  It initially started off just by reading Psalm 23 based on the recommendations of this one anointing oil bottle, but then I started to follow it up with impromptu prayer that, over time, settled into a stable form.  It’s based off another structure of prayer I tend to use, but since this is a little more inclusive and specific, I figured I’d share this one.

While anointing yourself (perhaps on the forehead/lips/chest or on the temples and palms of the hands), recite Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my shepherd…”).  When ready, say the following prayer.

Almighty God, creator of all things, lord, king, master, helper, hear me!

As I anoint myself with this oil,
so too anoint my body, soul, spirit, and mind with your grace, mercy, forgiveness, power, strength, wisdom, patience, authority, and light.
As I come before you now and call on your holy name,
help me, o Lord, that I may come to see you, hear you, know you, and be with you,
that I may align my will with yours,
that I may know my True Will,
that I may carry out your Will,
that I may go where I must go, know what I must know, do what I must do, and become what I must be.

Whatever flaws there may be in my body, mend them and help me mend them.
Whatever gaps there may be in my soul, close them and help me close them.
Whatever holes there may be in my spirit, fill them and help me fill them.
Whatever cracks there may be in my mind, seal them and help me seal them.
However I am imperfect, o Lord, make me perfect in my imperfections,
that I may come to see you, hear you, know you, and be with you,
that I may come to walk in your path, at your side, in your footsteps.


Follow up with whatever prayers as necessary or desired (I suggest an Our Father and a Glory Be).

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