Yay, this shit again!

A while back, just about a year ago, there was this obnoxious prayer initiative for Dominionist Christians to get all pagan influence out from the nation’s capital, the District of Columbia.  I mean, when you have Deist or religiously uncaring Founders of a nation, naming their capitol after a goddess, looking towards classical Greece and Rome for inspiration on running a country, there’s probably going to be some pagan influence, yes.  Democracy itself and the court system of justice, after all, is a pagan creation from Athena and Athens way back when, mythically from 1100 BC or so.

Well, guess what?  They’re doing it again, only this time with the alarmist and oh-so-dramatic title of “40 Days to Save America“, coincidentally ending on November 6, 2012 (Election Day).  They claim that “[all] around us, we see economic decline, immorality, corruption, growing secular humanism and attacks on religious liberty”, and that we need saving from moral terpitude and national decline by praying and fasting until the election.  It’s not expressedly linked to the election, because that’d be political and then churches would lose their tax-exempt status (though some churches are challenging the IRS to do exactly that, because reasons).  What’s really confusing is how they uphold their high-and-mighty talk of democracy and voting being a Biblical mandate, when Biblical notions of rulership and justice were all centered on autocracy and kingship, decidedly un-American systems of governance.

It may elude all but the most astute readers, but frankly, I’m increasingly tired of and annoyed at this bullshit.  Not at Christians, because this is one hell of a way to fail at being Christlike, but at stupid hyperchristianist assholes who can’t shake the persecution complex because society is changing without them.  I understand that they may not individually be hateful, bigoted, spiteful, or whatnot; they’ve always just been used to being the only ones on the scene, the only ones who mattered.  When other guys get in on the scene (even Muslims are excluded from praying to the same God as Jewish and Christian voters, according to the above website), they suddenly feel threatened because they have to share a bit of space, breath, food, and water.  Tribulation of tribulations!

Whatever.  I may be biased, being a non-Christian, gay, liberal, young, middle-class, software engineer cum magus, but when they talk about religious liberty and personal freedom being bound and taken away, you bet I agree with them.  It’s just that it’s not their liberties and freedom being restricted; it’s mine.  You want to pray for God’s intercession in the election and the guidance of the nation?  I hope you’re careful what you wish for; you just may get it.  If I know anything, it’s that God has a sense of unexpected and sarcastic humor.

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  2. I agree with you. I’m a straight white woman, but I’m on their fecal roster too. The scary part is that there will always be a MORE extreme group coming down the pike that thinks the first one was too liberal. :/

    Frankly I’m all for the fasting–I hope their asses starve. :/

    You might enjoy The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

  3. I sent the site to my students who just studied the First Great Awakening. (Their mission statement calls for a Third Great Awakening–much as they often call for A Third World War = Armageddon.) I may make them read this to show them how to appeal to logos.

    Plus, wanted to know a) if “stupid hyperchristianist assholes” has 501(c)3 status and b) if I could adopt the phrase, plz. If not, I will kidnap it only briefly and return it to you unharmed.

    • Oh dear. I want a post on your very admirable blog, madam BW, on how they react to this nonsense. Also, please, by all means use that phrase. I hereby release it into the world as an open-source saying. Use it and abuse it like the dirty whore it is.

      Also, I am the WORST for not sending you an email or posting on your fantabulous blog. I hope you’ve been doing well, love!

    • Your line about ‘stupid hyperchristianist assholes’ having 501(c)3 status just made me spit Gatorade all over my screen. I had to share that.

      Well played!

  4. ^That is why I love this blog and all of its readers. Y’all are awesome.

    Secondly, yes, I agree with the Original Ranter.

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  6. I must have missed this in the news, The best answer to such people is ignore them. Let them waste their lives to no effect.

    • If I could be assured that they were just blustering about and not doing anything, I wouldn’t bring it up and would laugh at them like a transient fad on Youtube. That said, the things they’re doing (if we’re to take magic seriously at all) do have an effect, and I don’t want to be on the business end of their tools if they turn towards me or mine.

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