An Attunement Ritual

As part of my Q.D.Sh. ritual, I suggest a stage where one performs a kind of tuning, a sort of sync between oneself and the forces of the cosmos.  There are lots of different ways one can do this, and I show a real quick and dirty way in the above ritual.  The basic point of the ritual is to center the body, soul, spirit, and mind as well as to get one synched up with the energies one interacts with.  It’s not part of the basic grounding-centering-banishing-shielding framework a lot of magic lite practitioners do, but it’s something recommended to do all the same.  Energy cycling, balancing, charging, and other terms suffice for this kind of working.

One such ritual I’ve been using is Jason Miller’s “Pillar and Spheres” ritual, but I had some issues with the technique that simply weren’t working for me.  After some experimentation, I decided on the following ritual, with which I get some better oomph from.  It’s based on the seven vowels of Greek and the five complex letters theta, xi, phi, khi, and psi, each of which has attributions to the seven planets and five elements (four classical elements plus azoth/spirit/quintessence).  It’s kept the Pillar from Miller’s ritual, but incorporates a kind of plane-based element tuning as well as the Heptagram Ritual, a planetary attunement ritual that has its roots in the PGM.

  1. Banish and center if desired, and make three deep breaths, each time making repeated Ψ sounds (like making popping sounds, “pss pss pss pss pss pss”) with your whole breath.  Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and shoulders back.
  2. With your arms slightly extended with palms facing upward, picture a bright white light in the heavens.  Breathe in, intone the phrase “DESCENDAT COLUMBA” (“the dove descends”) or “ΙΑΩ” (“EE-AH-OUGH”); breathe out, and visualize a beam of pure white light descend through the crown of the head, down the spine, and out through the base of the spine.  Breathe for a few counts as desired, letting the light fill your body with a purifying, ennobling energy.  Feel your body move upwards into the heavens as the light passes through you downwards.
  3. With your palms facing downward, picture a bright red light in the depths of the earth beneath you.  Breathe in, intone the phrase “ASCENDAT SERPENS” (“the snake ascends”) or “ΩΑΙ” (“OUGH-AH-EE”); breathe out, and visualize a beam of fiery red light pass upward through the base of the spine, up the back, and through the crown of the head.  Breathe for a few counts as desired, letting the light fill your body with an empowering, strengthening energy.  Feel your body move downward into the earth as the light passes through you upwards.
  4. With the right arm raised and the left lowered, feel both shafts of light mingle and mix within the body, filling the entire body and all its parts with a mixture of red and white light, purifying and empowering all at once.  Breathe for a few counts as desired.
  5. Extend both your arms out and downward.  Breathe in a dark brown to black, heavy, cool, compressing energy.  Exhale and exclaim ΘΙΑΩΘ (like you’re spitting out a “tah” sound, followed by “EE-AH-OUGH”, followed by “tah”) with your whole breath, letting the energy form a solid plane of earth underneath you.
  6. Raise your left hand and keep your right hand lowered.  Inhale a fluid, cool, wet, pressuring energy.  Exhale and exclaim ΞΙΑΩΞ (like you’re hissing out “kssss”) with your whole breath, letting the water drain out to form an ocean at your waist.
  7. Raise both your right and left hands.  Inhale a bright yellow, fast, buzzing, light, moist, and warm energy.  Exhale and exclaim ΦΙΑΩΦ (like you’re gently breathing out a “pah” sound) with your whole breath, letting the air rush out and forming a sky and clouds and wind around you from the waist up.
  8. Lower your left hand and keep the right hand upheld.  Inhale a red, hot, active, expansive, and parching energy that rises upward.  Exhale and exclaim ΧΙΑΩΧ (like you’re coughing out a “kah” sound) with your whole breath, letting the fire rise up and fill the sky above you.
  9. Stretch your arms out to your sides.  Inhale in a pure, white, clear light.  Exhale and exclaim ΨΙΑΩΨ with your whole breath, letting the light fill all the space and elements around you.
  10. Stretch out both your arms to the left.  Inhale and intone Α (“AH”) for one beat.  This could be a heartbeat, a second, or whatever, but note the length.  Visualize a dark purple light.
  11. Face north.  Put out your right fist, lowering your left hand.  Inhale and intone Ε (“EH”) for two beats.  Visualize a bright orange light.
  12. Face west.  Extend both your arms, palms outward.  Inhale and intone Η (“EYY”) for three beats.  Visualize a vibrant green light.
  13. Face south.  Place both your hands on your belly.  Inhale and intone Ι (“EE”) for four beats.  Visualize a golden shining light.
  14. Face downward.  Bend down and touch your toes.  Inhale and intone Ο (“OHH”) for five beats.  Visualize a fiery red light.
  15. Look up towards the middle distance and relax your eyes.  Put your right hand over your heart, lowering your left hand.  Inhale and intone Υ (“OO” or German “Ü”) for six beats.  Visualize a rich blue light.
  16. Look up towards the sky.  Put both your hands on top of your head.  Inhale and intone Ω (“AUGH”) for seven beats. Visualize a pitch black light.
  17. Face east again and raise your hands as far up as they can go.  Intone ΑΕΗΙΟΥΩ, seeing the seven colors around you in all directions.  Intone ΙΑΩ ΑΩΙ ΩΙΑ ΑΙΩ ΙΩΑ ΩΑΙ as you slowly lower your hands straight down, feeling the forces of the pillar, elements, and planets around and within you.  Intone ΩΥΟΙΗΕΑ, again seeing the seven colors.
  18. Inhale deeply, press both hands over your sternum in a covered fist, and seeing all the forces around you shine vibrantly.  Inhale deeply again, breathing in all the forces into your inner being.
  19. Extend both your arms outwards, right hand lifted up and left hand lowered, and intone ΙΑΩ ΣΑΒΑΩΘ (“EE-AH-OUGH SAH-BAH-OHT”).  Feel the vibrations conquer, master, and rule over all the cosmic, celestial, and elemental forces within you.
  20. Go forth and be powerful.

It being a Monday and I was distracted by a Mercury timing this morning as well as the last dregs of a hangover from the weekend, I forgot to do my morning attunement.  To make up for that, I’ll be doing it later, and figured to share this with the world just in case someone wants yet another method of working with forces in a Hermetic cosmology.

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  1. I love reading about your rituals. They’re completely different from mine (which tend to be more of the “fly off the cuff” thing). I love that difference.

    • Well, it ain’t called ceremonial magic for nothin’. Sometimes I’ll start off with something off the cuff, and if it works well, I’ll keep it, tweak it, formalize it, and bam, a new ceremonial ritual is made! I may just be blind/out of time, but I haven’t actually seen your rituals much; then again, I’m excessively talkative about my own practice and lives. What’re some of the things you do, besides offer all the things to the lords and ladies of Khem?

      • Well, I definitely do not offer things to ALL the lords and ladies of that land. That would be a lot of dishes and glasses to go through, if nothing else. (And while I can clearly say that some gods probably wouldn’t mind sharing a glass of water with one another, I feel like that kind of negates my hard polytheism stance.)

        Pretty much, I give the Big Wigs in my life their daily offering of whatever comes into my head. Usually, this is water because, you know, water is one of the most important things I can give. (I also give Papa Legba his daily dose of caffeine with occasional candy forays, pennies, and keys.) If I’m working with a specific deity, then in thanks for whatever I’m asking, I’ll make them a nice little dinner. Aside from that… no other major rituals.

        Oh, well. I did do the new year rites this year for the first time, so I suppose those count… That was pretty much just re-energizing my goddesses statuary, dedicated jewelry in their names, and execrating THE HELL out of bad influences. Aside from some basic supplies buying prior to that ritual, it was all, “Well, this sounds like a good thing to try for this new year. Let’s do it!”

        This will of course be changing since I am plotting a major ritual for uncrossing and road breaking in the month to come.

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  6. Awesome. I’ll use it for inspiration for my daily ritual. Where did you find the elemental associations for the letters? Do you think it works fine with the middle pillar elemental associations? You got the locations from Bardon?

    • I’ve never used the Middle Pillar ritual nor have I studied Bardon, so I wouldn’t know whether or how they’d combine, but if you can find a way to incorporate them, I’d love to hear about it. The letter associations are old, with the element and zodiac associations dating back to at least Agrippa’s time (1500s) and the concept of such associations going back to the early classical period. We see the use of the seven vowels for the seven planets in multiple places in the Greek Magical Papyri.

      • Thank you. The seven vowels I knew, but the elemental associations with the greek letters are new, or I didn’t value enough what Flowers did in his book. Hebrew letters are more familiar to me, but since I like PGM so much… Ah well… The link to Agrippa is a good one. I will look into that. Part of my question was why you placed the elements at there respective positions, since there are many versions, but I figured it out.

        • See, I’m getting more used to the Greek letters for everything I do, and some upcoming posts will describe my adventures in using the Greek letters in conjunction with the Pythagorean symbol of the Tetractys to make a new “kabbalah” based on Greek instead of Hebrew.

          The part of Agrippa you want is book I, chapter 74 at the very end, which gives a table corresponding the planets and signs and elements to the letters of several alphabets. Note that Agrippa uses an Alpha-Saturn/Omega-Moon method to give the vowels to the planets, while I (and nearly everyone else I’ve talked to and every other source I’ve read) use an Alpha-Moon/Omega-Saturn method.

          As for the elements, they’re placed like the planets. Just as Alpha is the first vowel and given to the first and lowest planet, Theta is the first “complex consonant” and given to the first and lowest element, Earth. Then comes the next lowest/dense, which is Water, then Air, then Fire, then Spirit.

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