Mercury Election Experiment

It was passed around in my occult circles that there was a decent totally awesome Cazimi Mercury election, a powerful timing to do anything astrologically related to Mercury or its forces, this morning between 6:15 and 6:45 a.m. around my location; the Mercury hour made it valid.  Since Mercury is among my favorite forces, and Hermes my favorite gods, I decided to take this opportunity to recharge my angelic planetary talisman of Mercury as well as a few crystals (Mercury topazes, fittingly enough) under this influence.  Something kinda like my Saturn talisman consecration from about this time last year, but I changed things around a bit.  The time window was just barely enough, and I learned to do more setup ahead of time, but it was sufficient for my needs.

The big change is that I’m starting to put my orgone setup to good use, so I made that part of my altar setup.  Basically, I have a crystal ball in the middle with a small plate over it supporting some objects which act as a focus for the energy and force; above that, I have an orgone accelerator or “shooter” that pumps more energy into the focus and crystal ball.  The crystal ball radiates the force pumped through the objects above it from the orgone accelerator outward.  Around the crystal ball, four crystal bars “catch” the field and reflect it back inwards to the crystal ball, forming a constantly-strengthening sphere of force.  The crystals are “linked” up using a “thread” of force or energy that syncs them all together, then activated with a final “pulse” of energy into the crystal ball.  (Expect a full post and explanation of some experiments I’m doing with this orgone setup in the near future, once I gather a few more supplies and run the experiments.  Then I’ll stop giving explanations every time I talk about this stuff.)

I coupled this with my standard consecration setup by setting a consecrated candle to the east, my censer to the west, and eight candles inscribed with orange symbols of Mercury around the orgone setup.  The resulting setup looks pretty awesome, if I may say so myself, and definitely produced a kick throughout the ritual and will keep going for as long as I have it set up.  For practical reasons, I’ll consider the consecration complete once the inner candles burn out, and will dismantle it then.  For now, I’m enjoying the bright orange Mercurial light and orb of force in my room, as well as how smoky it is from all the incense.

The ritual was composed as following:

  1. Preliminary prayer, meditation, empowering.
  2. Setting up the consecration altar components.
  3. Asperging the area with holy water to cleanse and sanctify the area.
  4. Lighting the consecrated candle. Mercury candles, and charcoal for incense.
  5. Linking up the crystal ball to the four perimeter crystals and the perimeter crystals to each other.
  6. Linking up the crystal ball to the eight Mercury candleflames and the flames to each other.
  7. Pulse of Mercurial energy with the seed vowel Ε (Greek epsilon, vowel associated with Mercury).
  8. Opening prayers and invocations, consecration of ritual space and incense.
  9. Picatrix invocation to Mercury.
  10. Conjuration of Raphael, Tiriel, and Taphthartharath.
  11. Presentation and suffumigation of the talismans of Mercury to the spirits and forces of Mercury.
  12. Setting the talismans into the orgone setup focus.
  13. Conjuration of Raphael, Tiriel, and Taphthartharath to consecrate, dedicate, bless, empower, and sanctify the talismans of Mercury.
  14. Recitation of the Orphic Hymn to Hermes eight times.
  15. Directing the forces of Mercury into the talismans using the seed vowel Ε.
  16. Second conjuration of Raphael, Tiriel, and Taphthartharath to consecrate, dedicate, bless, empower, and sanctify the talismans of Mercury.
  17. Recitation of the Prayer to Saint Raphael eight times.
  18. Thanks to the spirits and forces of Mercury, license to depart.
  19. Closing of the ritual and closing prayers.

For those interested, the Mercury incense blend I used consisted of two parts nutmeg, two parts frankincense, one part benzoin, one part clove, and one part Power blend incense.

21 responses

  1. I just got done doing mine. It was, er, about a tenth of that. I actually had myself talked out of doing it because of a dream I had while waking up at oh-fuck-fifteen. But when I was awake enough to think straight, I decided the dream, having to do with aspects to Venus and Pluto and to my wife’s mental state and something about a friend we saw yesterday at a kid birthday party, didn’t make enough sense to justify being a sessiomagus.

    Fortunately, according to Skinner, the drugs for Mercury are amphetamines and all CNS stimulants, so my ritual preparation involved enough strong coffee to keep me upright.

    I often do that same trick of consecrating a stone with a parchment talisman; then if I feel like I need to carry that energy, I carry the stone and leave the talisman on my planetary altar. This time there was an orange calcite sitting in front of my printer which smiled at me while I was waiting for the talismanic picture-tricks to print. I don’t remember why I left it there, but I do remember thinking “O Mercury!” when I picked it up originally.

    • Yeesh! It’s obnoxious how this magic crap can get in the way of relaxing and living a decent life, but then, the payoff can often be worth it. I hope you were able to get enough of it done and well enough to warrant waking up at ungodly-o-clock.

      I mean, being a ceremonialist and all, ceremony can get mad complex, yo. It works, at least, which I’m happy about. Then again, I could’ve gotten by just as well with an invocation to Hermes and a sacrifice or so (maybe even an animal sacrifice, nyuk nyuk), but whatev. I like elections for magic and festivals for worship, but that may just be a personal thing.

      Also, totally agree that caffeine is Mercury’s common drug of choice. RO’s claimed in the past that Monster drinks are the official Mercury beverage.

      I normally use the official planetary talisman (the orange inscribed disc) to consecrate other things or charge them with a certain force, but in this case, I wanted to charge the talisman itself. It has a charge from its original consecration and whenever I conjure Raphael, but getting the raw planetary force involved as well is a good use for planetary elections. I’m going to use the topaz stones as part of a shrine to Hermes once I get the space and furnishings for it.

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  3. I did the Mercury Cazimi ritual also… It was my 2nd planetary magic ritual ever. The Sun was 1st and it worked out quite well. I look forward to seeing what results come of this one. Maybe it will help me through this Astrological Magic course sooner. Prior to waking up I actually had a series of 2-3 mini dreams of doing the ritual; appears my mind was already headed in the direction of the days special event prior to it actually happening…

    • Congratulations! Astrological magic can be a powerful force, and has a different “flavor” than other kinds. It’s largely timing based, unless you want to pull in a bunch of other factors. The ritual I described above makes use of planetary, angelic, divine, and energetic forces to concentrate Mercurial force into the objects and strengthen their link to that heavenly sphere.

      Dreams don’t work that way for me, alas. I did have strong dreams last night, but nothing related, and nothing terribly pleasant. Ah well, thus is the unwaking life. :P

  4. Fun stuff! I’ll be posting my own results later in the week, depending on how the material results turn out.

    The orgone stuff you’ve been posting looks like fun. If you don’t mind my asking, where did you get the schematics for your generator? My own search efforts have not turned up anything that could be translated into reality by someone of my technical level (or possibly at all: they looked a little sketchy). Such a device would be a lovely addition to my Chaos altar.

    • The blueprint was just words from a friend; it really as as simple as it sounds (a hollow metal tube passing between many layers of corkboard and steel wool, or something organic and something inorganic). One book I’d suggest for orgone tech is “The Orgone Accumulator Handbook” by DeMeo. As a warning, most of it is crap (shocking!) and needs experimentation with. Do as you will first and gauge the results experimentally. For example, I use copper tubing, though they say that copper is toxic and plastic is perfectly fine to use for an organic material. (Er.)

      Once I run a few more experiments and get a permanent setup made, I’ll have a complete writeup about orgone and what I’m doing. That should come along before the end of the year; it’s going to be a doozy of a project.

  5. Way over my paygrade Sam. But very cool. One of the complaints I had during my interview with Oranum was that my background wasn’t mystical/occult enough. So, I’m going to bring out the alter table from my bedroom and show off all the things you’ve made for me in my back ground!

    • Long story short: there was a powerful astrological timing this morning when Mercury was right in the heart of the Sun, exactly conjunct or cazimi, which is an awesome time for enchanting or doing Mercury magic, because it gets a huge power boost. I combined that fortunate astrological event with an angelic conjuration of the angel and guiding forces of Mercury and an invocation of the god Hermes himself to ask for the talismans to be connected tightly to and supercharged with the forces of the sphere of Mercury. The orgone setup served to further gather and concentrate force into the talismans which, when combined with the ceremonial consecration, really packed a punch.

      Ooh, this should be cool to see! What kinds of things have I made for you so far? All I can recall is the Table of Practice and wand. What else might you put on it? Maybe maps of the Qabbalah, maybe shoals of sigils…?

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