Quick Experiments with Orgone Generators

So, Jarandhel and I were over at his place geeking out over orgone generators again, and we did a few quick experiments with his orgone generator.  Specifically, it’s an orgone “shooter”, but I’m not familiar enough with the language to determine if there’s a difference; either way, it accumulates orgone or magical force and propels it in a certain direction.  The thing is, we didn’t know how it did this: his generator is simply a hollow copper tube shoved through layers of corkboard and steel wool or copper mesh.  There were no identifying marks, but it just seemed to work.  So, we experimented with the generator for a bit.

To force a direction on the generator, I had the idea of putting a crystal in front of one of the tube ends, thinking that the crystal would act as a kind of valve and focus the energy only in one direction, namely the direction in which the crystal point was facing.   So, we used one of his spare quartz points, some copper wire, and hooked them together onto the copper tube.  Oddly, the energy seemed to flow stronger out the other end, which didn’t change even when we flipped the direction of the crystal to point inside the generator, and still didn’t change when we removed the crystal entirely.  It turns out that it has something to do with the length of the copper tube protruding from the generator: the force seems to flow out of the short end.  It’s as if the long end acts as an antenna, or if both ends act as an antenna, the longer end “attracts” more, and as it accelerates through the layers of organic/inorganic material, it forces energy out the other end.

For some reason, the channel in the generator has to be hollow, but we didn’t really know why.  So, I decided to stick a bit of the leftover copper wire in through the tube; to me, it was as if the energy felt more dense or useless, and Jarin felt it more like static.  Clearly, not a helpful thing.  We experimented also with replacing the copper tube with a solid aluminum rod.  The result of this was interesting; instead of acting like a controlled ray or beam of force, it felt more like a cone radiating from the generator; although interesting, it was of less use than a beam.

As for the effects on other people, Jarin and I seemed to be alright, although our other friend who deals more with the dark sides of magic had a really hard time dealing with it.  Oddly, I’ve noticed that my lower back and kidneys (problem areas for me as a Libra?) have been much more tender while around orgone generators; I can’t yet discern whether this is pain or just tenderness yet.  It goes away considerably after the orgone generator’s put away or unhooked from a crystal grid, which is interesting.

Experimenting like this, though simple, gave me a few interesting pointers as I set up my own Babalon Matrix.  It’s coming together nicely, and soon I’ll have a full post on it, but for now, it’s still in the testing stages.

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