I love you guys.

I don’t really have much to say today, actually (besides that I’m terrifically hungover).  I just wanted to say that I love you guys.  Dearest readers, you guys are really amazing.  From the conversations we have in the comments, chats, or emails, to the fantastic links and pointers you give me, you guys are amazing.  Writing a blog wouldn’t be nearly as much fun or fulfilling if it weren’t for you.  Thank you for reading and enduring my rants, whines, boring chatter, and streams of consciousness.

With that in mind, dear readers, I invite you to tell me more about yourselves.  Who are you?  What do you do?  How’re you doing?  Where are you from?  I noticed I get a lot of hits from Anglophone countries, which is to be expected given that this is an English blog.  European countries, generally, too, given that ceremonial magic is largely European-influenced and originated.  However, I noticed I also get a lot of hits from Brazil and Romania; what’s up with that?  Not that I don’t appreciate the traffic, but who in those places would find my stuff interesting enough to give me a non-trivial number of hits nearly daily?  Let me know!

Also, how do you normally find my stuff?  I get a lot of hits from image searches and reader feeds, as well as Twitter and Facebook connects.  I don’t have a Facebook, so I’m interested in how you Facebookers get here from there.

Anyway, I love you guys.  Keep walking with me, and we’ll definitely go places.  It might just be the corner store, but it could just as easily be someplace more fun (ooh baby).  And let me know what you want me to ramble about; I’m open to suggestions, beyond my average “what is this u guyz” explorations.

12 responses

  1. Um. Let’s see. I’m a middle school teacher in Connecticut. I found your blog because it was in someone else’s blogroll and I started reading occult blogs as a way of learning how to a) be more creative and b) teach others to be more creative. Mostly, it’s worked (though your mileage may vary). We’re also colleagues and co-students in Rufus Opus’s Red Work course. In the last month, I’ve done more magic with people, and for people, and done more magical consultations, than I’d ever thought possible. Feels like I crossed a threshold somewhere.

  2. I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO! :-D I think I stumbled upon your blog thru the WordPress search, and I’m thankful I did. I adore your POV. I’ve been fascinated with the “High Magic(k)” stuff since I was a precocious and obnoxious little kid, but never really delved into it as a practice. It seemed too…fancy and complicated for me. However, the way you write about things makes it seem so less far from my own practices. I see the commonalities now, and I’m breaking thru the semantics, as well as some of my biases and prejudices.

    I *might* be responsible for some of the Facebook peeps coming thru. I’ve got a very small but vocal group on FB & have posted links to your blog on more than one occasion…;-) I like spreading the good stuff around.

  3. By the power of google fu I stumbled unto yar sight by stalking RO. or was it Neoplatonism? I forgot the keywords. I hail from the Philippines and I lurk moar, than do stuff. Oh wait, I am needed elsewhere.

  4. I am God. I do everything. Doing everything doesn’t have a quality. I am from everywhere, and I am everywhere.

    I forget now how I found you. Or if you found me and I followed you back. Regardless found-ness has happened, and I haven’t been able to get rid of you since ;-)

  5. We talk over IM periodically but I figure I’ll add another leaf to the discussion. ;) I forget how I wandered into your blog – probably stalking everyone elses blogroll. I’m subscribed via RSS and frequently read on the train to work. I enjoy the fact that there’s not one tradition here and therefor none of that grimoire-thumping other groups are prone to. I have enjoyed our conversations on scrying.

    What do I do? I’m a systems engineer for a very large media company who shall remain nameless.

    How am I doing? Woefully sleep deprived because of my new kid. ;)

    Where am I from? Philadelphia.

    I actually wish my blog were more like yours but I’m not out of the boom-closet yet. Such is life.

  6. What a coincidence, I am also terrifically hung over right now!

    I found your blog thru Camylleon and have been following you ever since. I’m not a ceremonial magician, or any kind of magician really but I get genuine enjoyment out of your perspective.

    What do I do? Well, I’m an EMT for free and my real job also involves cars with flashing lights and sirens, so forgive me if I provide no further details other than that which is already on my blog: I live within very easy driving distance of the Chesapeake Bay.

  7. I found your blog through us being co-students in the Red Work course, or maybe it was through RO’s blogroll? I’m one of maybe 7 or so less-active-posting students so you may or may not be aware of us being co-students.

    Well… I live in America, am pursuing the arts of: surviving high-school, learning finance so I can eventually live out my plan to have a kick-ass empire of highly-profitable investments, painting and doing the crazy things that artists do, and (of course) ye olde arte of Hermetic and Neoplatonic magic. It’s been a fun ride but it’s been even funner with your insights.

  8. I found your blog shortly after starting my own in regards to Witchcraft, Magick, and Contemporary Paganism. I don’t recall how I found it, other than it was more than likely through someone’s blog-list. I am in the U. S. Marine Corps, and travel a lot because of it. I am initiated Witch into two different forms; one is British Traditional Wicca (Alexandrian), and the other is Traditional Initiatory Witchcraft (Eternal Harvest). Various methods of Hermetic and Ceremonial Magick are an important part of my personal Craft, as well as American Druidry, and the Cunning Craft. I am also a Religion Major at AMU (American Military University). I enjoy seeing how others work their Arte Magickal, and so have followed your blog from that point of view.

    Boidh se!
    -Spanish Moss

    “Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path.”

  9. Found your blog through Turning the Magic Around. Great blog, I enjoy how creative it is, and how personable. I don’t comment much on yours or other blogs I read, but enjoy them just the same.

  10. Hi.A romanian dude here.I am a student in of art and design college and I am interested in beginning my occult practice.So far I only read books related to ceremonial magick and I hope to begin star practicing the Arts soon.
    I think I found your blog through Rufus Opus blog.
    Love you blog , information and stories you share with us.Also love your tools , they look great.

    Peace and blessing.

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