Geomancy and Gaming

I…I honestly don’t know what’s going on, but I like it.

I got a referral on my blog’s stats today from a Bungie forum post.  Apparently, there’s some puzzle going on that involves geomantic figures.  At the bottom of one of their news posts, they included seven geomantic figures (Via, Conjunctio, Amissio, Fortuna Minor, Rubeus, Laetitia, Carcer).  This spawned a fairly quick burst of activity of people wondering anything from what geomancy is, to what the figures mean, to how geomancy works and relates to other parts of reality, the body, numbers, and the cosmos.  Plus, it also resulted in this fantastic web-based geomantic chart generator, for which I’m very pleased about (it’s about damn time someone made something like this!).

Although I’m still somewhat confused at what’s going on, this is like a dream come true.  Geomancy, one of my favorite arts, suddenly bursting into the public eye like this?  It’s fantastic!  I highly suggest any gamers in the crowd to get involved with what’s going over on Bungie, if anything is still going on, to at least bring the puzzle to a close.  More hip geomancers than me might get further, combining the elite art of geomancy with the L337 skillz of gaming.

And if you’re one of those people linked here from Bungie or wondering what’s going on, post questions about geomancy in the comments and I’ll be glad to ask.  I have a few ideas, but since I don’t have a Bungie account, I can’t really contribute much on the proper thread.

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    • I saw it before, but I never had the time to listen in and promptly forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me! It’s interesting, but I have a few bones to pick with how Poke Runyon describes geomancy. I’ll save those for a post soon once I finish listening through the show. Thanks!

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