A Little Light

I’ve been working a lot with the forces of light recently, in terms of the ring consecration and other ongoing works which are having a significant effect on me, my Work, and my life in general.  I received a short prayer today that’s supposed to help me focus on and help me in working with light.

Blessed is he that walks in the light.
Blessed is he that follows the path of the light.
Blessed is he that is guided by the light.
Blessed is he that walks in the light.

Holy Light, guide me.
Holy Light, surround me.
Holy Light, support me.
Holy Light, fill me.

It turns out that working with the force of light is something for me to work on for a good while more, if not a lifetime project, which is something for me to enjoy as well as focus on.  How fortuitous, then, that my magical motto reflects just this same notion: Lautitia Laborum Lucis Laetor, “I Rejoice in the Splendor of the Works of the Light”.  Even though I’ve kept my motto pretty much a secret and unused, I figured it was a good choice to announce it to the world today, especially what with my recent work and results with the light.  I didn’t choose the motto recently by any means; in fact, I chose it back about a year or so ago.  The motto’s been hovering on the blog this whole time, too: the letters LLLL forms the four corners of the sigil up at the top of the blog, my personal emblem.  It’s unclear whether I’ll choose to go with the grandiose appellation “Frater LLLL” anytime soon over the simpler “polyphanes”, but now it’s official.

UPDATE (6/29/2012): Since I’m bored, I decided to make a translation of the prayer in Latin.  Enjoy!

Benedictus qui venit in luce.
Benedictus qui sequitur luce.
Benedictus qui dicetur luce.
Benedictus qui vadit in luce.

Lux Sanctum, duce me.
Lux Sanctum, saepi me.
Lux Sanctum, sustine me.
Lux Sanctum, comple me.

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  1. The bit at the middle of your personal emblem, looks like the chinese character for “middle”. It’s kinda cool about the LLLL’s, though. I don’t have any personal motto. Hmm. Something more to be thinking about. As if I didn’t have enough… at least I have a kavad model, now that some other business is finished.

    • You’re exactly right: the center symbol in it is a stylized form of the Chinese character for “middle”, representing balance and centeredness. It’s also a stylized set of scales (fitting, since I’m a Libra), as well as a combination of the binary numerals 0 and 1, representations of the concepts of passive and active, feminine and masculine, yin and yang. On another level, it’s also representative of an axis with the world revolving around it, showing stability, as well as a bridge serving to connect the upper world with the lower world (“as above, so below”).

      Also, the kavad is turning out splendidly. Keep that up, good sir. :D

      • I attend SpiritFire Festival every year, and one year the rangoli was actually the power-switch icon from nearly every digital device you’ve ever owned. The single line penetrating the circle. What blew me away was that the chief ritualist that evening pointed out that the power-switch symbol was the chalice and the blade, the binary of the universe, the balancing of opposing forces. So your symbol’s meaning is Right on.

        Ok. Back to kavad-inking now.

  2. Polyphanes your work continues to astound me! Your post has me thinking a lot. I may have to do a similar one one day about my own place in the spectrum, it’s a topic thats been on my mind lately.

    Great story on your personal sigil. I love it. I had noticed it there but didn’t realize that’s what it was! Like Andrew, I don’t really have a motto either (yet). I do have a personal sigil, it was given to me by Sachiel. I was like “What do I need this for?” and he was like “Just take it, it’s yours”. I still have no idea what it means! A mystery to penetrate another day perhaps!

    Anyway just wanted to stop in and saw awesome work!

    • My work astounds the guy who has a discotheque of a conjuration box. Grass is greener, and your work’s incredibly awesome. Occultural blogosphere personalities are the best, I claim.

      The sigil was something I made up, originally as a tattoo, and not something received or divinely inspired. At least, not obviously. :P I heard about the angel of Jupiter giving you your proper name and seal; what kind of connection do you have to Jovian forces, if I may ask? That’s an interesting development!

      • Aww thanks!

        Actually I don’t have a terribly strong connection. I pretty much conjured him to get started and ask for his advice in bringing Jovian forces into my sphere and the consecrate my talisman. He was VERY chatty and pretty much told me I needed a name and seal and he would see if he could come up with something. It was kind of the last thing I was expecting. That night I dreamed of them both very vividly (one of those where you dream so much you feel like you got no rest) and wrote them down first thing. I wasn’t terribly interested in him at first, but based on that interaction I have a very warm spot in my heart for him indeed.

    • Hell, it’s in your name: “light-bringers”. To me, working with Light involves evolution, growth, progress, unlimited freedom, unlimited potential…if only we can See. That said, I actually know surprisingly little about Luciferianism. Any sources or intros you might suggest?

      • My friend Jeremy Crow provides one introduction:


        There is no fixed dogma or philosophy in Luciferianism. All Luciferians are eclectic in outlook, so no Luciferian is the same. There is a guy called Michael Ford who writes a lot about his version of Luciferianism, though like other Luciferians, I find him more Satanist than Luciferian.

        I will have to write up a PDF on Luciferianism.

        Everything you mention on how you see “light-bringers” is part of Luciferianism.

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