Keys and Unlikelihood

This is a picture of my keychain.

It’s a carabiner with four sets of rings on it: one has my car and house key, one has all my other keys for locks and mailboxes, one has my pocketknife, and one has a very old key (Renaissance Europe, from a shop or machine-house or something) an occultist friend gave me.  I’ll often take the car/house key ring off and carry that with me, so I don’t have a giant jingly mess with me all the time, but I try to keep all my keys in one place.

I went to get a haircut today, so I got dressed, got my things, and got out the door.  Two steps out the door, I get my keys for my car out, and realize that they’re not on my carabiner, because I had taken them off earlier to run some minor errands in the apartment building, leaving them inside my apartment.  Also, I locked the door behind me, so I couldn’t get back in.  Fantastic.  However, my apartment has a balcony that is apparently within arm’s reach of my apartment building’s elevated entry, so I managed to climb up onto that.  Normally, the patio door is unlocked, which was my hope and expectation.  This hope was then dashed, because that door was also locked, and then I couldn’t get back down, so I was locked out and trapped on my own property.  I was feeling very silly about myself.  I called my housemate and asked if he could come by and unlock the door for me and set me free.

Well, that’s when I recalled that rusty key on my carabiner.  My occultist friend was going to use it in crafting, but it proved too old and thin in some parts to do much with, so she gave it to me and gave me a quick overview of key and lock magic.  One of the uses is to open locked doors, and I decided that now was as good a time as any to try it out, if not the best time given my utter need and increasing desperation.  After having given up on opening the patio door, which wouldn’t budge due to the latch-lock, I held the key against the handle, knocked three times on the door, and repeated “open the way” three times; I did this again with “open the gate” and “open the door”.

Two light tugs on the handle, and the door opened.  I froze in confusion.  The door would not open before.  The door’s handle was still set to the locked position.  The inner latch lock was as far down as it could go.  The threshold lock was undamaged.  The door would not open when I closed and locked it again.  I don’t know if I just happened to wiggle the latch just enough to open, or what.

I suppose that, sometimes, magic really does just happen.  Even now, an hour on, my mind is split between the emotions “WTF” and “awesome”, after the embarrassment of having to call my housemate again to call off the aid.

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