Conjuring the Angel of…what? Really?

Damnit, Kalagni.  From my twitterfeed, I see him post this:

“Haha, I don’t know, maybe one of your angels could help with my sex life.” “Doubt it, I don’t work with Viagrael.” “You’re an ass Kal.”

Well, Wikipedia’s page for sildenafil (the proper name for Viagra) has the title of Viagra in Hebrew, which is ויאגרה.  This would make the proper theophoric name of this hypothetical angel Viagrahel (ויאגרהאל).  I doubt there’s a preexisting sigil or seal for such an angel, but by using the Rose Cross Hebrew sigil wheel, a valid sigil to conjure him would look something like this:

So, given that, what do you think a good time would be for conjuring such an angel?  Mars hour on a Venus day, or vice versa?  Would it even matter?  Meh, anytime’s good so long as it’s sexytime.

The angel’s name, using gematria, adds to 256, which shares the same value with the phrases “Tidings” (amirah, אמירה), “Sons of the Righteous” (b’nei tzedeq, בני צדק), and “Spirit of the Mother” (ruach ama, רוח אמא ).  Looking at the individual letters themselves, we have vav (archetype of masculinity and male fertilization), yod (existence as it is, as well as the first sound of the Cosmos, the essential climax of creation), aleph (all existence, potential and realized), gimel (continuity of movement, form, and contained existence), heh (the female fertility of existence, that which envelops and nurtures), aleph again, and lamed (the ox-goad or shepherd’s staff, the link combining intent with action).  The name decomposed into its letters sounds sexy, to be sure, but its connotations through gematria seem a little…stiff, and not in the way intended here.  That is, unless you’re saying hello to someone in Japan and you’re either a MILF-lover or a shotacon fan, of course, but let’s not go too far down that road.

May as well give it a shot.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Besides the obvious, I mean.

7 responses

  1. HAW HAW HAW!!!! bravo! Viagrahel! perhaps not sex life, but surely potency. still, very hilarious I have to say. If you do conjure Viagrahel up, do post it about it.

  2. Brilliant.

    Another way to design the Sigil of Viagrahiel would be to look at the geometry of the chemical compound, and find a way to represent it sigillically (is sigillically even a word? Dictionary says no. Does that matter? I wave a lexicon and a grimoire grammar over it, and it is).

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