Shewstone-side Chats

I conjured the angel of Jupiter, Tzadqiel, last night.  He gave me a brief metaphor I thought I’d share with you all.  I asked him for his advice and teaching in my life, and he seemed to nod and point up and behind me to the stars in the night sky.

You see those stars?  They’re kings, just like the Sun here.  They rule over their parts of the sky, their worlds.  They are small and distant, however, and they are not kings here.  As they travel their light to other places, they cease to become kings and become equals or even less to the places they travel.  They rule only over what they rule, and no more.  Just so do you rule only what you rule, and you do not rule over everything, even though you may think you do.  You will one day become as a star, but even stars are outshone by the ones higher and brighter than them, especially the highest Light.

Humility is a virtue even in the greatest kings.  Humility is the beginning of greatness.

Happily for my tired self, this metaphor doesn’t need much more unpacking.  Leading a full work life and trying to maintain a proper magical practice can be a pain, indeed, but being a magician is all about being a king, and being a king is all about knowing what you have and how to use it.  For now, imma use my bed.

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  1. Elegant. You can, of course, read distant kings for their best ideas about rulership and leadership and all the rest — but you’re not bound to their ideas, which are after all products of a given time and place. Just because you won’t unpack the metaphor, doesn’t mean I won’t. ;-)

    My own conjuration of Tzadqiel yesterday was a little more frustrating, because I called out of a perceived need for today. And the answer I got was essentially, “you don’t get to come in to my power and glory right now, but you can stand in the doorway, and my grace and abundance can shine past you…” Which, if it helps me get through today’s challenge, will be enough. But boy, actually STANDING in Abundance and Grace and Authority today would have been great.

  2. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I’ve found Tzadquiel to be most interesting. I wasn’t terribly interested in meeting him at first, but I once I did I found he was one of the most eloquent and thoughtful being’s I’ve had the pleasure to meet. This post only reinforces that belief.

    • Each of the spirits I meet brings something new to the table. Some are terse and pack a lot into a single sentence (Kammael), some say little but weigh heavily (Tzaphqiel), some are snarky and sly (Paimon). Tzadqiel ranks among the most jovial and serene, which doesn’t come across as a surprise; it’s not a planet or sphere well-placed in my own horoscope, but he’s affable and amicable all the same. It sometimes feels like a knight-squire relationship, proper in public but hidden from sight so that nobody can see the informal talk we have.

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