Versatile Blogger Award, woo!

A few days ago, the magnificent Lechim Nosredna over at nightswimming nominated me for the Versatile Blogging Award, which is totally awesome.  It’s a neat little thing, but it comes with a few rules of its own.

Versatile Blogging Award Button

First, thank you Lechim for nominating me.  I’m humbled and amazed that people would find my noisy rants and shoddy crafts interesting, much less worthy of note or perusal.   To both him and all you viewers out there, thank you!  Lechim blogs over at nightswimming with some of his buddies about their dreams, collectively calling themselves Dream Catchers who explore the realm of haze, imagery, and night that we all partake in when we sleep.  Really cool stuff, not to mention trippy.

To keep the VBA trend alive, I’m also going to nominate fifteen blogs that I find are also really cool.  These aren’t professional, public-service, theoretical, or discursory blogs, but more of the ones in my register: personal, detailed, meticulous, thoughtful, and entertaining.  Generally, all of the blogs on the right are fantastic, and you should consider visiting them and their buddies as well, but below are a few that stand out to me or aren’t on my public list (yet).  I hope you’ll give them some traffic and enjoy them as much as I do.

  1. Camylleon’s Cave
  2. The Key to the Clavicula Solomonis
  3. The Grey Book of Runes
  4. CGA in a VGA World
  5. Beloved in Light
  6. skatologicalhumor
  7. The Difference Between Beauty and Fear
  8. Amaranthine

Between the list above and the one on the right, that easily adds to 15.  Right, guys?  Anyway, I’ll be notifying the blogs above about their nominations in the coming week.  Once you get it, remember to post about yourself and your nominees on the VBA Winners page.

And, to keep things hilarious and to fulfill one of the stipulations of the VBA rules, here are seven things about myself that I tend not to tell others.  I mean, this being my blog and all, they might’ve come out at a future date anyway, but whatever.  These are all things personal and not really occult-related, but maybe you’ll get a better glimpse of who I am based.

  1. I was bullied really bad in elementary school to the point of nearly having my neck snapped.
  2. I’m too tall to comfortably sleep on twin mattresses, but king beds weird me out by how big they are.  Queen appears to fit well for me (lol ghey).
  3. I was really into crafts as a kid, always making things out of cardboard.  I even made a near-functional ATM out of a flat crate once, with chutes and tunnels for paper money to come out of.  Now I’ve graduated to wood and steel from corrugated paper and marker, but I guess I’ve kept the trend alive.
  4. I like to have a crush on someone after I start dating them.  It’s kinda backwards, yeah, but it makes the passion and sex a lot better for a good deal longer.
  5. Although I don’t tend to drink soda anymore, I will always grab a six-pack of TaB cola whenever I can.  I love that stuff, yo.  One time in college during winter break when I had the apartment to myself, I scoured every grocery store in Charlottesville stocking up on TaB and completely filled my fridge with the stuff.  It was awesome.
  6. The first time I cheated was in the 6th grade in a quarter-long Japanese introductory course, when I wrote that week’s katakana on my wrist in very faint ink to copy onto a quiz.  I was really anxious about it.
  7. My wardrobe consists almost entirely of five colors: black, grey, brown, green, and taupe.  Sure, I have a few blues and whites and other things, but the vast majority of my clothes fit into those colors (Venus in Virgo, baby).  Also, I pretty much only wear cargo pants, and only own one pair of jeans that were a hand-me-down from my brother years and years ago.

Anything else you’d care to ask me, occult-related or otherwise?  Post a comment and led me know!

4 responses

  1. OMG someone else has a rune blog besides me??? well knock me over with a feather, and it actually has content. Odhinn bless them!!!!

  2. Thank you for the VBA nomination. I will try to make an official post soon with my 15 nominations and 7 things, but it’s 4:20 am again and I have to be up at 6:30.

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