Recuperation, Getting Back On The Horse, Etc.

Alright, alright.  I’m not dead, despite what you may think.  I know it’s silly to apologize for not posting on one’s own blog (it is my blog, after all), but it’s been quite a while, so I figured I should at least say something.  Between catching the flu for the first time ever, going to a furry convention several states away, allergies, and dealing with ailing family, my life has been somewhat hectic and my practice has gotten all kinds of screwed to the point where I’m most concerned about sleep (which I still haven’t caught up on properly, a week later) and caffeine (which I need to ween myself off of once more, but at least I’m not using an IV drip of the stuff again).  After this coming weekend, things should be set aright again.  Really, they will.

Until then, dear readers, I hope you’ve all been well.  In the meantime, is there any thought you might want to pluck from my brain, any topic you’d want me to opine on, any ideas you’d want explored on the Digital Ambler?  I’m open to random rants, and I could do with something to hook my interest and give me something to think about.

Also, I love you all and am very happy you visit here.  Just letting y’all know.  ♥

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    • I like contractions. Some of my favorites are triple (shouldn’t’ve, “should not have”) or quadruple (couldn’t’ve’n, “could not have been”) ones, because I hate orthographying things in full. That and it makes English look more like Elvish, which fucks with people like you wouldn’t believe. Eye-dialects ftw~

      • Try my new-found favorite: “ain’t’n’er’a’b’n” I’m not even sure how to parse that out. Properly, we’d say: “Has never been,” but this localism seems to have added words just to shorten them. “Ain’t” = Has not: “N’er” = Not ever: “A’b’n” = Has been. Ergo: Has not not ever has been. It’s fun to live in a region where the local dialect is less evolved from Anglo-Saxon. A new linguistic puzzle presents itself daily. B’sides, TBW and Dr. Samuel Johnson never liked each other much no how.

  1. ya’ll huh? I’m a Texan so I feel right at home. Anywho, awesome blog! Very recently after coming across it, I’ve begun reading Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics. I’m not going to lie.. I’m still working on the first section. (Meditation, self cognicance, prayer over food and water, etc). I just wanted to hear(read) any insight you have on his book, or any others pertaining to hermetic magic or the philosophy and theory behind it. My own little magical background story being that I’ve experimented with sigil magic ang got a few decent results. Whether it was the actual sigil that worked, or my own hard work, I can’t really tell. But what I do know, is that it feels like I’ve opened up a whole new world that I never knew existed. Maybe you could give us some humorous, thoughtful, and deep story on your journey through this book, or maybe I’m just asking for too much, haha. Anyways. again, I enjoy your blog, and plan on digging through it sometime when I get the chance. Take care, godspeed, and much love.

    • Bardon isn’t an author I’ve read (yet), so unfortunately I don’t have much to say on his IIH. You might do better looking at Mr. Black’s blog, The Razor’s Edge, since he’s been working with it lately. Bardon’s a little late for my current focus (classical through Renaissance periods), but once I get a more solid footing where I am, I may branch out to more modern Hermetic work. Good luck with your own work with it, though! You might consider starting up a blog of your own and detailing your own experiences and adventures with it. Paths abound, one for each of us, after all.

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