Whoomp, there it is: Mercury Retrograde

My oh my.  Is it already time for Mercury to start going backwards again?  Yup!  Mercury goes retrograde today, going backwards in the sky until Wednesday, April 4th.  As some of the more astrologically-inclined of you might know, Mercury goes retrograde about three or four times a year.  For those who aren’t so learned, a planet going retrograde happens at least once a year for the non-luminary planets (i.e. the actual planets, not the Sun or the Moon) and makes the planet look like it’s going backwards in the sky due to the relative positions and motions of the Earth and the other planet.  With the planet of the intellect, commerce, and travel in such a bizarre state, it leads some people to become more forgetful, less eloquent, and generally slower or more confused.  And, of course, it just would  coincide with daylight saving time starting this year.  Plus, I’ve got at least two significant trips (one to Atlanta and another to Blacksburg) later this month.  Splendid!

It’s also a good time for reviewing what’s been going on in one’s life, gathering up one’s thoughts, and contemplating without much planning.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to gather up some of my own activities, thoughts, and lessons that I’ve had since the last time Mercury came out of retrograde (roughly on December 13, 2011), as a kind of self-review.

Here’s the highlight of the workings and projects I’ve been able to accomplish over the past Mercury direct period:

  1. Crafted and consecrated the Bhaiṣajyaguru Cane.
  2. Crafted and consecrated Fiery Wall of Protection oil.
  3. Crafted and consecrated a Lunar Kamea and Astral Vortex Ring (post forthcoming in a few weeks)
  4. Created a Circle of Art design to be used once I get Abramelin Oil and some paint.
  5. Carried out two complete iterations of the five-week conjuration cycle.
  6. Took part in the New Year, New You project that Deb was having.  I kinda dropped out towards the end, but it did help me orient myself to figure out what I want to do for the coming year, and those are and will continue to come along nicely.

And some lessons I’ve learned, from the spirits or from gettin’ shit wrong:

  1. Always give a little bit.  If there’s even one fewer person in the world going cold or hungry for even just a day, that’s still a triumph.
  2. Working for two weeks with a particular element-planet combination everyday will definitely give you a kick in the ass.
  3. Fire is awesome.  ‘Nuff said.
  4. Learn to keep self distinct and solid while learning how to expand it.
  5. Use a teabag or cloth sachet for herbs when taking a ritual bath.
  6. Get in touch more with the sphere of one’s ruling planet; that’s apparently the best way to learn how to act and find out one’s purpose and goals.  (This should not come as a surprise, but thank you anyway, Haniel, for being so awesome. ♥)

Last time I did a Mercury Retrograde review, I made a list of resolutions that I wanted to get done before the next time Mercury starts acting funky.  Let’s review how these’ve been going:

  1. Christmas present crafting.  Done.
  2. Test drive a 5-week cycle of conjurations of the angels of the planets, the elements, and my nativity.  Done.  Going to try and keep this up as much as I can.
  3. Finish crafting and consecrate the Lunar Kamea.  Done.
  4. Consecrate a silver ring I have to act as a talisman for working in the astral realm.  Done.
  5. Make Oil of Abramelin.  I attempted this but it turned out awfully; the project was a failure, where the Abramelin oil that was left after evaporating out the alcohol turned into this gritty paste that didn’t mix at all with the olive oil carrier.  I went ahead and ordered some instead.
  6. Redo the Gate of Jupiter rite once Jupiter goes direct again.  Done.  Incorporating this into my conjuration cycle.
  7. Do the Gate of Mars rite, and maybe work on the other gates as well.  Haven’t bought these texts yet, but my conjurations generally achieve the same purpose.
  8. Consecrate the Tarot cards on my Table of Manifestation to act as talismans for the four elemental kings themselves.  Done, sorta.  Auriel didn’t know why I felt like this was necessary, since I already have representations of the four elements and their angels on my altar as it is (the four elemental weapons).  I’ll be removing the cards from my altar, pending his and my genius’ advice.
  9. Working to keep my apartment quiet.  Done (this actually didn’t involve any magic at all save for a kind letter).
  10. Start meditating at least one hour a day, either in one sitting or two half-hour sessions.  Eh…yeah, I completely failed at this.  The morning set of rituals I have set up is fine; it’s getting the energy and stamina to do my evening stuff that’s obnoxious, and I don’t have that much time to spare in the mornings to do an hour meditation.  I’m horrible, I know.

Resolutions for the next Mercury direct period (liable to change during the coming few weeks before Mercury goes direct again) would be these below.  I’m going to take it easy, comparatively, focusing on only one big craft project and mostly spirit work.

  1. Create my Circle of Art.  I have the design, I have the Abramelin oil to consecrate the paint with, and I have the canvas.  All I need is the paint, brush, and stencils, and I’ll be ready to go.
  2. Try my hand at a Solomon-style goetic conjuration.  Based on the advice of a friend, I’m going to try giving Orobas a call.  This will give me a chance to put the Circle of Art and a shiny-new Ring of Solomon (post forthcoming!) to good use, as well as give me experience with demonic entities.
  3. Start working heavily towards astral projection.  I’ve got my astral vortex ring ready to go; I just need to start being able to work astrally, and then I’m gold.  I’m better suited to working in the physical, but working in the astral is a skill I can’t pass up.
  4. Ask the planetary angels for friendly planetary assistants, like how I have elemental assistants from the elemental kings.  Get to know them, where they’re from, what their strengths are, how to call them, etc.
  5. Work on meditating more.  Not necessarily an hour a day, but more.

What’ve you been up to this past Mercury direct period?  Anything embarrassing or enlightening happen?  What’re your plans, if any, for the next few months?  Do tell, do tell!

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