Divination and Magic

At this point in my life, I’m single.  My last significant relationship ended in June 2010, and though I’ve had a few flings and brief boyfriends here and there, and though I’ve toyed around with hookup- and dating-service websites briefly, I’ve largely been single since.  Don’t go feeling pity for me: it’s a nice life, and its simplicity and lack of drama don’t leave too much to be desired.  Plus, it’s cheaper (dating is expensive in this place).  My being single doesn’t exclude the possibility of hooking up, either, so that freedom’s also nice.

That said, it’s kinda getting boring now, and it likely will be for a while yet.  Back in 2010, after I graduated but before I started paying off my college loans, I did a few divination readings about my future with respect to two things: my capability to pay off my college loans and my love life or the lack thereof.  The good news is that I’d be perfectly capable, able, and willing to finish paying off my college loans by the end of 2012 (nine months left!).  The not-exactly-pleasing-but-not-bad-either news is that I also wouldn’t be in a signficant relationship before then.  So far, that divination reading’s been holding up, and other recent divinations have yielded the same answer: no relationship until at least the beginning of 2013.

Now, this is what divination says, but divination is a curious thing in the hands of a magician.  Other people who only practice divination are able to see what can happen; magicians who can use divination can see what will happen and affect what can happen according to their will.  They’re like two sides of a coin, and are both helpful in attaining one’s desire.  Consider life to be like a river, and we’re a bunch of people walking, wading, or swimming through it.  Parts of the river are shallow and calm, others deep or rocky or turbulent.  Good things like fresh fish, fruit that fell off orchards, or even gold coins flow down the river, and a lot of people want these things.  Some people are content to stay wherever they tend to be without much moving, while others walk or swim back and forth to try and get what they hope is their next big find.  With divination, one can figure out where that next big find will be and position themselves accordingly to either grab it all the easier or pass it by.  With magic, one can change the currents and eddies of the river ever so slightly to get things to drift in ways helpful to them.  Using both can be a powerful technique.

However, this model doesn’t allow for fate (using whatever definition or worldview you choose) and things that can’t be fixed using magical or mundane means.  Some things simply can’t be changed: someone with a terminal illness might live a little longer using magic, but they will still die of that same disease.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m getting bored of being single, and I was starting to count the days until the next New Year when I realized that magic might be able to help me out.  I did a reading about whether I could perform a magical operation to obtain and maintain a significant romantic relationship before the end of 2012.  The answer was technically affirmative: I would be able to do such a thing.  However, the reading was so completely unfavorable to the endeavor that it may as well have been a negative response.  Even if it worked, it wouldn’t have lasted and would have fallen apart anyway in a catastrophic collapse.  Better to wait, then, it would seem.

A better analogy about divination and magic relates it to the field of medicine.  Divination is to magic like how prognosis is to treatment.  Given a situation or symptoms, a doctor can look at a patient and figure out what’s going on in the patient’s system and what will likely happen without treatment or with a variety of treatments.  The doctor can then go on to prescribe medicine, operations, exercise, or other treatments to achieve a particular outcome to affect the prognosis, assuming the prognosis allows for treatment to affect the trajectory of predicted events.  In the same way, a magician can use divination to figure out what’s going on, what’s happened, and what may happen in a particular situation; using magic, the magician can try to affect the situation using metaphysical treatments to achieve a particular outcome, assuming the divination readings show that such an operation can work.

Using divination for any significant magical operation is as important as weighing different treatments in a prognosis of a medical condition.  You might think that the theory of some operation is sound, and you might think you have the backing of all the heavenly host, but there is the chance that (a) there are outside influences and external circumstances that you’re not taking account of (b) the very Almighty is going to put the smackdown on you with an apocalyptic “no” (c) you’re just dead wrong in your theory or understanding of the situation.  Even doctors figure out indications and contraindications alongside or even before figuring out possible things that could help or hurt the patient.  Conjuring a love-focused goetic demon to get you laid this weekend, when you’re already slated for getting bed-confining flu in two days’ time and when you accidentally use a spirit of Saturn instead of Venus, won’t end well.

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  1. Hello there my friend,

    Please i do now a have very disappointing experience, which is that on my first attempt on conjuration from the Modern Angelic Grimoire, i tried to conjure haniel when venus was the ruling planet on saturday just after midnight. Having all the required tools in place, including my crystal ball at the centre of the triangle with all the writings and symbols around it. However, to my very surprise there was no sign or hint of the spirit i was trying to conjure.

    Please could you give some suggested reasons as to why it happened so before i make my next attempt?.

    Thank you as always.

    • It depends. Again, I’d rather you email Rufus Opus instead of me, since he’s far more knowledgable in his own grimoire than I am. Here are a couple of things for you to consider:
      – Try conjuring on a Friday in a Venus-ruled hour instead of Saturday for the angel of Venus. Saturn and Venus don’t tend to get along, so try not to mix the two with respect to hours and days until you’re better situated.
      – Try meditating for a short period of time before the conjuration, contemplating on the sphere or symbols of Venus, chanting a prayer to the sphere of Venus (the Orphic Hymn to Venus works well) several times (e.g. seven, the number of the sphere of Venus), or a period of fasting and prayer before the conjuration.
      – Try using Venusian things in your ritual: wear green clothing, use a green altar cloth or drape the surrounding areas in green cloth, use rose or sandalwood incense, wear or hold a Venus talisman or ring during the conjuration, etc. The more similarities there are between the area of conjuration and the sphere of influence you’re conjuring from, the better and more comfortable the link will be.
      – Try working with spirits of a lower or sublunar rank, like the elemental angels or spirits, instead of the supralunar or celestial ranks. Things that are closer to us on this plane tend to be easier to conjure and communicate with until you build up a good sense for this sort of thing.

      When I don’t get much of a response, I try the conjuration again (starting from “In the name of the blessed and holy Trinity, I conjure you…”) at least once and wait for a response after that. It could be very weak or it could be very strong, but it does take practice. If I don’t get any response at all, I give the spirit leave to depart regardless of whether I can sense it with me and end the ritual.

      • Quote Wikipedia, divination “is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic standardized process or ritual”. It’s a magical process used to obtain knowledge of the past, present, or future, from an area remote or local to the diviner. “Fortune telling” is a crude version of divination, and “prophecy” is a more divine or enlightened version of it.

  2. Warning. Warning.

    You’re dabbling in stuff that will keep you out of Heaven. Revelation 22:14-16 describes who will enter Heaven and who will not. It reads:

    14 “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. 15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.”

    url redacted

    • Darling, that’s absolutely precious. Thank you for the passage, but I don’t need that for actually passing through the gates. For future reference, please keep Matthew 7:1-6 and Luke 13:1-9 before pronouncing condemnation and perilous warnings on others. Granted that the Lord has many names, but last I checked, Connie wasn’t among them.

      • I don’t know, you’ve been something of a murderer lately. I mean, REALLY. The NERVE! And don’t even get me STARTED on the immoral sexuality. I saw what you did to that burger! =D


        • I’m not mad; in fact, you’ve got the (dubious) honor of being the first evangelical Christianist commenter on this blog, for which I’m very happy and flattered. But please, I don’t deserve your attention, and would rather you spent it elsewhere. And if you truly cared for me, you’d have the insight that your path is not mine, and I have my own path to walk, and that’s alright (John 10:16), so please don’t evangelize here again. If the Almighty didn’t want me talking to angels and learning more about the world, myself, and God, then this stuff wouldn’t be working in the first place.

    • Well, not to boast, but I don’t really need magic for that. The internet suffices well enough for that without getting higher powers involved. :P Besides, I’d rather a relationship that lasts over a short-term thing, anyway; I’ve had my fill of those for the time being. I can wait for something with more sticking power.

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