Fiery Walls of Protection, Elemental Analyses, and More!

So, I finally finished a few pages posted around the site.  I figured they’d be better off as pages so people could access them easier, even though I originally intended for them to be posts.  I swear I’m not doing this to get myself more traffic, honest.

  • I recently made a batch of Fiery Wall of Protection oil to great success.  It’s up under the Crafts section for ease of reference and for how involved it was (rather).  Beyond simple combinations of loose incense, this is my consumable creation that will eventually need to be redone; however, given the amount and potency of the stuff I made, this will not be for a good while.  Given how it’s made a normally stoic angel rejoice at what I did, and how it made even my natal genius go “WTF is this burning shit”, I think I did it right.
  • I’ve put up another page under the Ritual menu: the Q.D.Sh. (Quick, Dirty, and Short) Ritual.  It’s an all-around preparatory rite to be used in a pinch, but it works and covers all the bases without requiring much in the way of materia or memorization.  As a combination of smaller techniques, it’s got shielding, grounding, banishing, centering, and tuning, pretty much just what everyone needs to begin a ritual in the field on a moment’s notice.
  • Under the Skills menu, you’ll find a page on stoicheia, an alternative method of understanding the occult meanings of words and names written in the Greek alphabet using astrological and elemental concepts.  It’s like a kind of alchemical gematria for Greek, and I highly prefer it over numerical gematria or isopsephy when coming across barbarous words of invocation or voces magicae in sources like the PGM.

As an aside, the kick I got from working with the fiery forces of Mars, the Sun, and Fire for the Fiery Wall of Protection oil for such a sustained period of time was fantastic. It was like I was on a high/energy rush for two weeks straight without burning out, and this is coming from the guy that Michael suggested to calm the fuck down when it came to this kind of work.  Give it a try sometime, I highly recommend it.  Just FYI, there is a chance it might induce extended periods of partying, redoing one’s fashion and appearance, picking up German though Youtube videos, body piercing, doing walks of shame (or strides of pride, depending on your mindset) to work, and launching into new and life-changing musical tastes.  It was a real fun two weeks, you guys.

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  1. Re: Fiery Wall of Protection — that’s badass. Also beautiful. I need to do more of that sort of work, and spend more time on the search for inexpensive pretty bottles for the effective display. Superfun.

    Re: QDSR — very interesting. I’ll have to try that out some time.

    Re: Stoicheia — holy shit, where did you find this? I must know more! I’ve been looking for a logical system by which to design a Greek-alphabet sigil map (akin to the Rose Cross in theory, but based on its own internal logic) and this looks like a wonderful basis for such. Because I am totally crazy enough to make sigils based on Attic verbs and sentences. @_@

    • Stoicheia: I got the technique from Stephen Flowers’ book “Hermetic magic: the postmodern magical papyrus of Abaris”. He doesn’t cite where he got the technique from himself though he claims it is very old, but it does seem to make sense. The attribution of the vowels to the planets is old and is used frequently in, say, Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery courses, but the use of the other letters is new to me. So, what, have a ring of the five element letters, then a ring of the seven planet letters, then a ring of the twelve sign letters? I can see how that’d be nifty and useful!

      • Unfortunately I’ve seen the vowel-planet associations go both ways, not real evidence in my basic searching about if either way is more traditional (not that traditional necessarily makes it better). I like it going the other way, but had not seen the other associations, which I do like. So now I’m torn.

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