Happy Chinese New Year! Also, booze.

Today is the first new moon after the winter solstice, which also marks the beginning of the Year of the Yang Water Dragon.  大展鴻圖, 吉慶有餘, and all that jazz.

That said, the past few Years of the Dragon have also been something of a collective letdown.  I mean, the last time it was the Year of the Dragon, it was 2000, when we had that nonsensical Y2K scare; before that, it was my birth year (tsk, I mean, gosh mom); etc.  This time, we’re dealing with the 2012 apocalypse crap.  What are some of the explanations I’ve heard that’ll cause some big thing?  Here’s an infographic that runs the gamut of some of the more popular ones, although Aaron Leitch has a good explanation of something going on that’s a bit more credible in terms of the occult.

In the meantime, why not have a year-long drinking game?  Carry a bottle of alcohol with you at all times (preferably a clear drink, like a gin or vodka and sprite, if it’s a clear water bottle) and take a swig every time someone around you mentions 2012 in a serious light.  “But I want to live through this year!” you might exclaim.  Fear not!  Here are some of the results that might, er, result from such a game:

  • If you get drunk during such a conversation, you stop caring,
  • If you die from overintoxication, you stop caring.
  • If you live through the year (as will everyone else), you have a stronger alcohol tolerance and you stop caring (as will everyone else).

Basically, it’s a win/win/win situation, ergo DO EEEEEET.  (Tell me you realize whether I’m being serious about this or not.)

3 responses

  1. I’m glad you clarified by suggesting clear liquids. Because I couldn’t imagine what this would be like if I opted for Absinthe and its accompanying accouterments. Cuz *that* would be redickalus.

  2. I agree with polyphanes; go with the Absinthe. It’s sort of clear, and certainly can be thought of as a healthful drink, owing to the various herbs. But I also feel that a slice of chocolate cake and a glass of milk includes all 4 food groups, as chocolate is a veggie, even a Legume, since it’s a bean. But that’s just me, and I can justify anything… :)

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