Quick Update

So, before I head on out for the holidays with the family, I wanted to make a quick update of a few recent events and results.

  1. The Lunar Kamea and Bhaiṣajyaguru (Medicine Buddha) Cane are completed.  Pictures of them are up under Crafts, as is a page just for the cane project.  Major thanks to Blue Flame Magick for help with the Buddhaworking.  Now I just need to find a friend with a south-facing window for leaving the Kamea and a ring in for a lunar cycle; if push comes to shove, I suppose I could use my car parked in an advantageous spot, but…eh.
  2. I also put up a picture of my Trithemius cane on the Crafts page; I made it about a month and a half ago, an extra-large size wand to be used in conjurations with a few personal flourishes of my own.  It’s hard to get something like that to show in a single picture, but it’s subtle enough to be carried around in public without too many weird looks while still being a nifty magical weapon in its own right.  It follows the Trithemius style, but instead of “EGO ALPHA ET OMEGA” on the back, I incorporated the word Azoth around the wand to mean the same thing but better.  Here are some more pics of that, if you’re interested.  The cane works well in conjurations and definitely has a noble or regal feel to it, though it’s awkward to use inside given its size (38″).
  3. Finally got the apartment quiet!  Turns out the best magic is the most direct, which in this case was writing a respectful note to the neighbor downstairs (an 80-odd year old hard-of-hearing sweet/badass lady).
  4. Calamus root and dragon’s blood resin acquired!  Abramelin and Fiery Wall of Protection oils will be made upon my return to Villa Polyphanae.
  5. I finally got off my ass and memorized the Headless Rite (or Bornless Ritual).  After seeing it pop up practically daily for two months, I figured the cosmos was sending me a hint or two or thirty.  Voces magicae ftw, and I also made myself a little pendant (pewter medallion engraved with a dremel) with the “beneficial sign” from the PGM text to use the Rite with.  I’m using a variation I wrote up based on the PGM text, Crowley’s Liber Samekh, and other variants I’ve come across.  I’ve got an emphatic green light from my genius to start using it, so here goes.
  6. In the process of researching the PGM, I also picked up a few other spells and workings that I’ll put to use soon and write up my results with.  Not gonna lie, it’s kinda hot that I’m doing the same spells that were used 2000 years ago.
  7. I’m teaming up with The Bad Witch over at Open Path Sanctuary to write up a series of articles on geomancy.  They’ll be available both at OPS and on The Digital Ambler, but you should totally go to OPS first because duh.  They should be out by year’s end, if I get the time and research done on the finer points of technique and history.

Have a happy Christmas, Chanukkah, Solstice, Yule, whatever; just be happy and be good.  I’ll be back sometime late next week, and probably won’t have much to post until the New Year (unless said posts are New Year New You-related and/or I have free time while with my family).  Check out my Twitter feed (on the right, and also here) for humorous interludes if you’re that bored.

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