Alignment Ritual, First Observations

At the behest and urging of my genius, who got on my case tonight about not being active enough while we were chatting during our semi-regular weekly conjuration, he told me to do the Alignment of Forces Ritual I wrote up a while back.  Despite writing it, I haven’t yet had a chance to do it, either to the recent Thanksgiving stuff or general life/business/laziness.  So I caught up on the last few things I hadn’t memorized yet, did a bit of prep, and performed the ritual.

It worked, whatever it was supposed to do.  I didn’t have any expectations of what would happen or how I would feel after doing this, though I had a few guesses.  It was partially modeled on the banishing ritual Frater RO instructs in his Black Work course, as well as a general invocation of all the spirits and forces of the world.  Based on that, I figured it’d have part of the cleansing aspect (“remove from me all defilement, all impurity, all deficiency, all excess…wash me, cleanse me, fill me…”) of a banishing ritual as well as a sort of centering or empowering thing.  After the ritual, I feel…I dunno.  The closest way to describe it is like a good story at its closing, with all the loose ends tied up and everything laid down well to move on.  I don’t feel more complete or full or aware, but I feel more here-ish, more power-ish.  It’s like someone who just recently discovered how real the world is outside a cave they’ve been in for a long time and how much they can actually feel.  It’s like feeling bright.  I wish I had some of the powers of my wordsmith friends to describe this better than I am, but whatever.

As a side result, I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing on the Internet (besides writing this up).  It’s not that I feel suddenly more authoritative or responsible, but I do feel more okay with things, like whatever plan’s been set down I’m on the way to carry it out.  I guess that alignment thing worked.

A few notes on the ritual itself:

  • Do it many times, at least once a week, if not several times a week.  Prep more, learn more of the spirit names and names of the forces in the other languages by heart so I don’t have to keep peeking at a cheatsheet.
  • Change the positions of the hands a bit.  Holding the right hand aloft with the left over the altar was decent at first, but not after having all the spirits present and asking them for help.
  • While calling on the spirits, I felt more and more eyes watching me, more presences around me in the air.  After the conjuration of the Saturnine spirits, the air around me was almost buzzing with activity, it felt like.
  • Visualizing the elemental tools as emanating their elements themselves instead of “soft light” (the wand sending off fire instead of a soft red light) is a better practice.  Let the sublunar forces be a little more concrete than the supralunar ones.
  • Let the forces of the elements and planets really work on you, let them really get at you.  Let them first quicken and empower the tools and talismans themselves first, then let them do the same to you.

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  1. Huh, I don’t know how I missed you posting that ritual. It looks great, though, as much of a mouthful as all those invocations can be. One tiny question, though: “As you have come in peace, so now go in power.” Did you mean that the other way around? It just sounds dissonant to me, having used a similar line in several of Jason’s rituals for so long.

    • It’s a line from Fr.RO’s banishing ritual I mentioned. I’ve never taken one of Miller’s courses, so this is just what I’m used to. Saying all the invocations is a little wearing, as it turns out, but it does feel a little more proper than just blurting out everything that should come at once.

        • Haha, fair enough. Now that I think about it, though, the usage makes sense. I’ve always used something similar to “as you came in power, go in peace” as a dismissal after offerings; the purpose of which is generally to placate potentially unruly spirits. If I actually had work for them to do, I could see your way being superior. Just a double-take reaction, like expecting to know the notes/words to a song and hearing a different rendition of it.

  2. The Alignments Ritual is pretty neat, just a quick question, is there no astrological timing involved to performing it? I take that this is best performed at dawn or before sleeping?

    • No, no timing; so long as you can devote about a half hour or so (breathing, prayer, cleansing, the ritual itself, the wind-down), you should be good. It’s not an astrological ritual, per se.

    • My genius and I have a love-hate relationship. While my fire elemental and I invariably end up making out whenever we make contact, my genius and I always end up wresting, sparring, or fighting. It’s kinda involuntary and annoying, really, but he gets it (for some reason). It’s like we have an Israel complex going on (Stockholm syndrome, stupidity, and senseless guilt aside).

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