Late-Mid Fall Miscellany

So, beyond my awkward experience on Sunday and continuing the work on my lunar kamea, I’ve been working on a few projects.  Here’s a general update for you, dear readers:

  • Seven new short translations from the Munich Manual are up under Rituals: Hide and Seek.  Two of them are oneiromancy rituals (divination through dreams), two are crystallomancy (by crystal gazing, one of which requires a young child as a medium), one is on unlocking all locked doors or objects, and two are on invisibility.  I wanted to include a translation of divination by gazing into fingernails, but they all required child mediums and magical circles, and that’s (a) a little too complex (b) a little too weird for nowadays.  A few involve animal sacrifice, so you might not find all these rituals entirely useful, but at least they’re in English now.
  • So I have this absolutely fabulous altar with fancy wands and talismans and everything, and I simply haven’t been using it.  Mostly, it’s because I don’t know how to use it or what to use it for.  To remedy that, I decided to go ahead and write up a short ritual that calls upon all the forces represented on the altar to charge and balance their effects and forces in my life, what I call the Alignment of Forces Ritual.  I intend to do it weekly or so, and anyone can do it if they’ve got representations of the four elements and seven planets on their altar.  Members of Fr. Rufus Opus’ Red Work series of courses should have an easy time doing it if they so choose, since we’re all working, arguably, off similar altar layouts.  Since this is the first substantial ritual I’ve written up, feel free to discuss about how it works for you and what experiences you get from it, if any.
  • I carried out a consecration and charging of the sigil from last week’s post.  The ritual was my first involving a Bible verse, but I drew inspiration from Draja Mickaharic’s book Magical Spells of the Minor Prophets, which is a pretty badass resource.  I set up four candles in a square around the plaque, engraved and anointed each candle with oil as well as the sigil itself, repeated a relevant Bible verse four times each over each candle, chanted four malas of the acoustic sigil, then forced all the energy from this ritual into the sigil itself.  It felt pretty decent, and I was drained for a bit after the working, so I think I did it right.
  • I’m considering writing up a guide to geomancy under the Skills section.  Geomancy’s been my favorite and most preferred form of divination for years now, and I find it rather useful and simple.  Writing a guide’s been something of a back-burner project for a while, but I’m unsure about how to go about it, especially when there are already a number of highly-recommended books on the subject.  If you think you might find it useful, or if there’s anything in particular you’d like to read about (maybe some advanced topics), let me know and I’ll consider picking up the pace on it.

Also, Mercury goes retrograde from November 24th through December 14th.  Have fun on your holiday travels, y’all!  Remember to make sure the stove is off before you leave and do your three-point tap whenever you head outside.

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