Ave Iovis!

So I finally performed the Gate of Jupiter rite as written by Frater RO.  Basically, it’s an initiation into the Sphere and Realms of Jupiter, helping to anoint oneself into the grace and splendors needed and required to manage one’s personal Kingdom of Life.  It’s been making the rounds across the occultoblogosphere even though it’s a pretty simple rite, and I figured “why the hell not”?  Because of this and due to a few other things going on (namely endless fatigue), I decided to remove my Saturn lead talisman from my Table of Manifestation and set it away so that I’d have less of a restriction or hindrance in letting the Jovian forces flow.

Now I can see why people’ve been making this big to-do over Jupiter work.  Hot damn.  I can’t stop smiling and feeling, well, good.  Then again, it’s hard not to feel that way after three glasses of an expensive-but-delicious pinot grigio, a Djarum Black, and having chats with Augustus Imperator Romani, celestial and cosmic beings of grandeur and splendor, and my dad within the space of an hour.  Plus, Ode to Joy started playing on my laptop just as I finished the rite, which led to a rather sweet touch to cap things off with for the end of the night.

Incidentally, Promethea issue #19 (“Fatherland”) makes SO much more sense now, now that I read over it again.  Let’s see what other revelations and niftiness occurs in the next few days.  If it’s anything half as amazing as what I’ve been hearing across the blogosphere (and just the revelations I had during the ritual alone can account for that), I’ll have considered this a resounding success and so. totally. worth. it.

Oh, and this is my 67th post on my blog.  6 + 7 = 13 which reduces to 4, the number of Jupiter.  That’s only a little fitting, no?

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    • Due to past associations, I can only link them to furries and cold nights outside the library during finals. I think they used to be better before the US banned flavored non-menthol cigarettes; now that Djarums are technically cigarellos, they taste a little harsher and slightly less great than they used to. Still tasty, though, and definitely useful for offerings.

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