Achievement Unlocked: GSDMF

The consecration rituals for my planetary talismans is complete.  My trashcans are filled with tealight tins, and my Table of Manifestation feels and looks awesome.  Now I just need to figure out how to use it.  The consecration for the Saturn talisman I made is also complete, and I’ve finished chatting it up with the spirits and angels of Saturn.  Pictures of both are up under the Crafts section, and there’s a write-up of my experiences and procedures of making the Saturn talisman under the Crafts section as well.  After the conjuration of Tzaphqiel to lock in the powers of Saturn into that talisman, I feel almost nauseous from any sort of movement at all.  Bleh.

Perhaps fittingly from the Saturn talisman project, I now know my limits for taking on several projects at once, and I’m pretty damn tired.  No end to the Work, though, and I’ve already got a few more projects lined up.  For now, sangria and Xena sound like a wonderful rest of the weekend.  Good night.

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    • See, once upon a time, I had a chat with Michael, king of Fire. I asked how to not get burnt out from doing so much work at once (I noticed my vitality was extremely low after any contact with fiery beings), and he said something along the lines of “well, look, kiddo: you’re an air sign. Air is a gas: you can either blow up all at once like an atmosphere made of oxygen, or you can focus yourself like a propane torch, getting a little done but powerfully.” Clearly, I didn’t listen too well, but maybe eventually I’ll heed that advice. Now that my birthday holiday vacation from the world and magic is nearly up, I’m rolling up my sleeves again and ready to apply a steady stream of energy to things.

      Productivity can come at a cost, but hey, it can make things look absofuckinglutely awesome. Also, consider the laughs a proper payment for your Potion of GTFO post (the recipe for which is totes going into my little black book).

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