So I’ve been busy, kinda.

…just not with the Work.

I’ve had offsite training up in Maryland this week, which has messed with my schedule in all sorts of ways and kept me from having enough time to settle down and do some proper conjuring.  That said, I’ve been able to leave late enough each day to do a ritual offering for each of the planets this week at dawn, which is something I’ve been meaning to do forever.  I light a tea candle dressed in the planet’s color and with their name, symbol, seal, seal of its intelligence, and seal of its spirit on written on the outside of the candle; light incense related to the planet; chant the planet’s Orphic Hymn; and make a small prayer of thanks and praise to the planet.  Simple and easy to do, if you have the time.  If I can keep this up on Saturday and Sunday as well, I’ll have something to brag about.

Also, I’ve noticed that, due to the air initiation with Raphael a while back, I’ve had a much easier time detaching from my thoughts and meditating peacefully instead of getting hooked on single thoughts at a time.  This feels wonderful.

In case you want something pretty to read, I’ve translated and written up a ritual based on something from the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic (fancy title!).  It’s a preparatory ritual called De Reponsione Spirituum, or “On the Reponse of Spirits”, and is used to create a simple but effective summoning area for potentially nasty spirits.  You can find it under the Rituals menu above under the heading “Ritual for Summoning Spirits”.  It’s a little Christian-y for my tastes, but it’s a lot easier that setting up a full-blown Solomonic circle or something.  Plus, it gave me a chance to dust off my Latin skills (which is an awesome thing to do, so GO LEARN SOME LATIN).

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