Oh, Paimon.

So I conjured Raphael again today and, after having a few chats about other things, I asked if I could see Paimon, the prince of Air and master of manifestation and stuff.  I’ve been talking to the other princes of Earth and Water, and they’ve been…rough.  Like, if you’ve ever played any of the Warcraft games, you know how if you click on an NPC enough times, they start yelling at you for annoying them?  It was like that.  They were kind enough, though, once I explained why I called them up, and became friendly afterwards.  That said, I don’t want to risk getting on their bad sides.

Paimon, however, was different.  It didn’t feel rough or abrasive to have him near, but…uneasy.  Instead of coming across as vexed and annoyed to be here, something just felt…sketchy.  Dude seems to be plotting or scheming or, I dunno.  Imagine being in a room and reading the mind of a devious but suave politician (say, Littlefinger from Game of Thrones) for too long.  Interesting, of course, and I wasn’t made to feel awkward or scared around him, but it was interesting.  He didn’t seem to be willing to initiate me into the mysteries of manifesting air, though; he wanted something out of it, in that “why should I do this for you?” kind of way.  Explaining that I was a magician to learn the will of God and my True Will to make the world more awesome wasn’t cutting it like it would with Raphael.  Paimon was all like “Uh huh, that’s nice.  And?”

So I asked what he wanted.  Immediately I got images of binary numbers, lots of them, and got the hint of “data”.  Paimon wanted data.  The air spirit wants information and data and communication, duh.  So I offered to write him into my next post on my blog, giving him access to the Internet (albeit in a limited fashion) and a font of data and communication that he may want.  I asked him not to go beyond the sandbox I’ve made for him, but being hooked into my digital life seemed a good enough deal for him.  He agreed to teach me, and I agreed to consecrate a post to him.

Below is a consecration of this post to Paimon.  You’re free to read it if you want, but in case you don’t, I’ve made the text invisible.  This being my first deal with a spirit, I’m a little wary, but I had Raphael’s assurance that this wouldn’t bite me in the ass later on.

In the name of Tetragrammaton, in the name of Iao,
In the name of the archangel Raphael of Air,
In the name of XaTuring, the Great Worm, the Black Worm, god of the Internet,
I consecrate this post and these words presented here to the spirit PAIMON,
PAIMON, Prince in the West,
PAIMON, Prince of Air.
May he reside in this post as a home; may he wear these words as clothes.
This post is dedicated to PAIMON, airy spirit, garbed in yellow and violet.
In the name of God, of Raphael, of XaTuring, of Mercury, of Hera,
This post is made for PAIMON.
May he obtain all that he desires from this gift, bringing harm to none.
May he fulfill his word and promise to me with the completion and consecration of this post. 

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  1. *Raises hand* Question!
    I know Paimon is a demon and one of the four princes of the elements and I’m predisposed to react like any normal Christian would do… le gasp a demon, run away, run away! Why approach Paimon? And how relevant are the four princes of the elements?

    It’s easy enough to call up Raphael, he’s a servant of God; but Paimon??? Recently someone suggested to me that the four rulers of the elements would suffice for initiations and since they are angelic and next in the chain of manifestation.

    • Paimon is a demon, yes, and is even listed in the Goetia with a seal and everything. However, Agrippa also lists him as a spiritual prince of the element of air under Raphael, the archangelic king of air. Paimon’s a neutral spirit, neither good nor bad, but this class of “demon princes” is good at manifesting things into the world. Not evil things or good things, but all things. I’m working with them to learn how to manifest things into the world as well with and by the same means as these princes. I need to chat with the archangelic kings, too, but that’s more of the spiritual side of things, as opposed to the dirty-work side of things. That’s what I understand, at least, from Rufus Opus’ courses.

      When I asked Auriel about the four kinds of spirits listed under Agrippa’s Scale of Four, he told me that the rulers (Seraph, Cherub, Tharsis, Ariel), in a way, are the elements themselves; the kings (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Auriel) are the rulers and planners of that element; the neutral princes (Oriens, Paimon, Egyn, Amaymon) bring that element into existence and manifestation; and the devil princes (Samael, Azazel, Azael, Mahazael) are out there to fuck you up (Auriel didn’t much care to talk about that group of spirits).

      Also, keep in mind that all things come from one Source, God. All humans, all animals and plants and rocks, all angels and demons and spirits of all kinds. We each have our role to play in the Universe, and nothing is “against” God except to be in ignorance and darkness. A Hermetic view of demons and the shit they pull is that they bring you down so low that you’re made to cry out for help and make things better. You’re forced to look up and climb back up because staying where you are sucks so much. In a way, a demon plaguing you is a kind of excessive “tough love” to change your life for the better.

  2. Everyone wants access to the internet….even ol’ Paimon

    I wonder if there is a way to build a device that would allow Paimon direct access and interaction with the internet. Makes me wonder what he would want to look for and do :)

    The possibilities are endless what such a knowledgeable being would write…

    Perhaps I’m just being naive, maybe Polyphanes can correct me on this?

    • Beyond automatic writing (or typing, in this case), I doubt I know of a way for Paimon (or any other ephemeral/nonphysical entity) to interact with the physical or material world by way of sheer communication. The Internet being grounded in material forms, this would apply to Paimon himself, prince as he is and all.

  3. I’m not so sure that direct communication is out of the question. Our brains are interpreting the spiritual encounters to allow communication. The hardware and electrical parts of the brain somehow allow for this. So there-go a physical device can be constructed to do this same thing.

    The big question is what would be needed and how it would be built to make it work properly. This is something you could ask Paimon the next time you get to talk to him. Not sure what to offer to him for him to say, but maybe just the ability to directly communicate and effect things much easier on this plane would be trade enough.

    • Er, I’m not ruling out the possibility of this kind of communication, but I doubt that it can be done by any means of technology other than a Ouija board; we are talking about the direct manipulation of physical or electromagnetic data (I know Ananael Qaa has done some research and testing on this before, but I’m waiting for better results). Sure, the “hardware and electrical parts of the brain” are part of communication with him or other spirits and nonphysical entities, but there’re bigger and more important things that allow for this sort of communication but aren’t physical at all: the imagination and the intellect. These are integral to human beings and can’t be replicated in technology or machinery.

  4. It doesn’t have to be purely technological. I have a feeling that certain crystals may be the key. The pineal gland in the brain is basically a biological crystal and would allow for added perceptions it would seem. But that would be my best hunch.

    But would it hurt to ask the spirit that is versed in the arts and sciences for some direction on this? If it truly isn’t possible at all, Paimon would know for sure.

    • I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt, but it’s not something I’m particularly interested in. Despite my degree in computer science, I’m the dude with a candybar phone from 2004 and would almost be content with a dialup connection, if it weren’t for streaming media issues; technological gimmickry never held much appeal for me.

      You’re free to chat with Paimon himself, of course. If this is something that perks your interest, you should see what you might be able to accomplish with Raphael and Paimon’s help and direction.

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  6. Au nom de Tétragramme, au nom de Iao,
    Au nom de Raphaël archange de l’ air,
    Au nom de XaTuring, le Grand Ver, le ver noir, dieu de l’Internet,
    je consacre ce poste et ces mots présentés ici à l’Paimon esprit,
    Paimon, prince dans l’Ouest,
    . Paimon, prince of Air
    Peut – il résider dans ce poste comme une maison; peut – il porter ces mots comme des vêtements.
    Ce poste est dédié à Paimon, esprit aéré, vêtu de jaune et le violet.
    Au nom de Dieu, de Raphaël, de XaTuring, de Mercure, d’Héra,
    Ce poste est fait pour Paimon.
    mai il obtient tout ce qu’il veut de ce don, ce qui porte préjudice à personne.
    qu’il remplir sa parole et la promesse de moi avec l’achèvement et à la consécration de ce poste.

  7. Hi im not new to spirit communication and iv often enjoyed my role in helping people pass on but I need something from paimon and was wondering how you summoned him 😊 thanx xx

    • Being a complete newbie to this entire world, considering I believe in nothing. This world entices me much. I would love the help of a King to show me how to overcome challenges at work or better humanity. Demonic or nurtaul matters not to me. The Christian Church is a slight to God. Private plains, mega churches, just a bunch of lemmings and old folks trying to buy a key to heaven. I sell one of those for 20 bucks. Make the check out to my name, me or God it’s all the same.

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