From my instructor’s blog, Rufus Opus on Head for the Red:

And don’t worry about those people who will think you’re crazy for talking to inanimate objects. I mean, you already qualify as insane in their eyes because you really believe you’re a magician with the power and destiny to change the world as you see fit. Fuck them and their sanity.

Yeah, that about sums up my practice so far.

4 responses

    • I just started doing that myself, making an offering of a candle and Orphic Hymn to the genius. It feels appreciative, but once I conjure my genius, I’ll find out what he prefers.

  1. I talk to everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Well, within reason, I suppose. Everything that is anything to me, if that makes sense.

    • Everything comes from the same source, after all. Animism’s one of my favorite views on the world, and why not? After all, it’s not fair for just the animate to have communicable spirits.

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