Derp derp.

So, earlier today as I was doing research on the planetary entities and angels, I got caught up in the sigils of the planetary spirits and intelligences.  Deceptively simple, they rely on a combination of kameas (magic squares) and gematria (Hebrew numerology).  I ended up spending two and a half hours trying to figure out how Agrippa derived them in Book II of his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, with general success except for a few things (namely, the sigils of the lunar entities, because, really, wtf).

Then I found out that, in Tyson’s edition of Agrippa, Appendix V describes in full detail the construction of the squares, the sigils, and where I was fucking it up, which was NOT MY FAULT, I SWEAR, THESE METHODS ARE NOT THAT TRANSPARENT.  This is called “occult” for a reason, son.

I’m just gonna call it “active meditation”, call it a day, and start on the several bottles of sangria I have in the fridge.

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  1. H’mm well there’s Nineveh Shadrach’s occult encyclopedia of magic squares to check out. I think I remember there’s a formula/pattern.

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