Site design update

Okay, so, I know I should be studying and meditating and stuff, but I got distracted by patterns and making the blog pretty.  What?  I like shiny things.  Don’t judge me.

I’ve always been fond of dark tones and orderly-yet-natural patterns, so I scraped up a few desktop backgrounds from the Internet and cobbled together a design for the blog.  To give credit where it’s due, the background is from wallpaper77, and the banner is based on a background from this ComicVine user.

The emblem on the banner is a design I was contemplating for a tattoo, but since I’m wary of inscribing things on my mortal coil for the rest of this existence, I’ve decided to keep it only as a kind of personal logo.  The center symbol in it is a stylized form of the Chinese character for “middle” (see this Wiktionary entry), representing balance and centeredness.  It’s also a stylized set of scales (fitting, since I’m a Libra), as well as a combination of the binary numerals 0 and 1, digital representations of the concepts of passive and active, yin and yang, yoni and lingam.  On another level, it’s also representative of an axis with the world revolving around it, showing stability, as well as a bridge serving to connect the upper world with the lower world (cf. “as above, so below”).  The four right angles around it are part of what will eventually become my magical motto.  I’ll let you guess what it is; eventually I’ll come forward about it, but not now.

And now back to studying, dishes, and working out.  Really, I mean it.  Please stop looking at me like that.

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  2. you know, if arrange those 4 L’s around a center point you get a tetraskelion, another symbol of light. I am fond of thinking of them as Light, Life, Love, Luck myself.

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