So, I guess the initiation into the sphere of earth went well.  I conjured Auriel today again, and that’s what he said, and that I’m ready to move on if I chose to.  Itwas a more familiar, cheerful conjuration than the last time, and I’m unsure why.  Maybe because I used his seal and I knew something of what to expect, or that I actually looked at the crystal ball without shutting my eyes the whole time, but it was more friendly than last.  (He became more serious when I asked about conjuring Amaymon, one of the elemental princes, and said I could if I wanted to, so I decided to hold off for a bit longer.)

But if initiations into the elements affect your mood and temperament, then has it ever been working.  Earth is the element of stability, sloth, and melancholy, and apparently introducing it into one’s sphere/mindset makes one not want to do shit, I swear.  I feel like I’ve done so little these past two weeks since the conjuration, including slipping on meditation and studying.  To be fair, I was busy with romance and a few other things on the side, but even those were touched by melancholy and a kind of realism that’s uncharacteristic of me.

So today, I decided that, if earth is inertia and I was going in one direction, a swift kick into another direction is just what I need.  I set out to meditate to focus my mind, contemplate the King of Pentacles image to figure out about the form of Auriel and the elemental king of Earth, and then reconjure Auriel for a quick chat.  Not only did I get all of that done, but I even did a bit more meditation than I set out to.  I’m fairly pleased with myself, and I think this is what I need to get my ass in gear for the next few steps of this phase of my Work.

I’ll be honest, though.  If this is what happened from the introduction of earth into my sphere, I’m not looking forward to water.  Maybe my Stoic training will help me keep composure if a problem arises, but maybe, with Gabriel’s help, things won’t turn out badly at all.

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