New blog site! Also, a conjuration!

First things first: I got tired and bored with Blogger which, although sufficient, wasn’t as nice as other things I’ve seen.  I’ve instead opted to go for a WordPress page, which (who knows?) may eventually replace my own website and stuff, since this looks much nicer and easier to use than messing with a crappy Kentuckian provider and CPanel.  From now on, this will be the new site of the Digital Ambler and all my rantings and stuff.

So, in my coursework, we’re finally getting to the “real meat” of the Work, where we get to conjure spirits and perform wondrous acts and stuff.  In reality, it’s more like getting into Intro to Physics 101 with instructor permission, only instead of a half-broken web-based course management system, I’m using a crystal ball.

The current goal is to get initiated and acquainted with the four elements both on a spiritual level and a physical level in order to understand how things manifest.  Earth, being the most concrete and final of the elements, is the first to ask for an initiation.  So, after studying the correspondences of things to earth and memorizing the ritual, I carried it out this morning in an hour of the Moon, since the Moon is related to the element of earth.  I donned what I’m using as a robe (a decent galabiyya that I’m fond of but never wear), got the gear set up, and did my thing.

Of course, me being as inexperienced as I am, summoning the angel Auriel to ask for an initiation into his sphere wasn’t as clear as I had hoped.  No clear words coming through, no clear shapes visible in the crystal ball, not much of anything.  I did get a faint form-like-image in the crystal ball that wasn’t there before or after the ritual and a faint but distant heavy presence responding to me, so, even though I had my doubts, I guess Auriel did, in fact, come by.  When I asked to be initiated into his sphere, I got a weird feeling of my own, instead: there was no response that I could sense, but my arms felt cool and I felt drawn in or towards the crystal, as if I was being embraced or something.  I’m hoping that was a “yes”; when I asked the spirit whether that was in fact what he meant, I got a feeling of an impatient affirmation.  And, just for completeness’ sake, I also got my own seal of Auriel to conjure him with when I need to again.  It looks like a stylized mountain, which is kinda cool.

Maybe it’s because I’ve got a lot of earthy dispositions as it is, but I didn’t feel too different after the ritual, though I did note a definite sense of “hereness” or something, as if I felt more concrete and present than before.  Better than feeling melancholy, I suppose.  I’ll keep on the lookout for any changes ahead.  Once I feel grounded in the element of earth (nyuk nyuk), I’ll get started on Gabriel and the element of water.  I’d like to hear or see these spirits a bit clearer, but I suppose that comes with practice and more initiations.

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