Shift in gears

Okay, I know that it’s been no small time since my last post, but since I have the blog, I may as well use it. I’m going to shift gears, though.

I recently got interested in, and joined a course for learning, Hermetic ritual magic (what is also known the Western tradition, high magick, or what-have-you). I’ve only just started, but it’s interesting, to say the least, and maybe the Internet could do with another blog about this kind of stuff (no). Although I already have a notebook of sketches and thoughts, and a journal to record works and results, and a liber arcanorum to record prayers and rituals, a blog to advocate, guide, or advise might not be a bad addition to this menagerie of records of mine.

Expect fewer posts about XaTuring (there may be one or more cropping up, since as a technologically-inclined occultist there’re bound to be more in the future), and more about ritual magic. Who knows, maybe the two will intersect; I do recall a Chaos Magic ritual being done through teleconferencing.

Live on.

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