Silicon Valley Tarot

Turns out that the Wikipedia article on the Tarot has a number of links to other decks beyond the standard Rider-Waite deck, as well as variations on the Tarot. One such modern variation I’ve found, and found appropriate for technoccultists, is the Silicon Valley Tarot. It’s not a rehash of the classic 78-card deck, but instead starts over with symbols and meanings taken from corporate life in Silicon Valley. It’s also seen the last days of the Internet bubble, being made in 1998, so it’s had time to get settled in, as well.

Instead of the classical suits of pentacles, wands, swords, and cups, the suits here are cubicles, disks, networks, and hosts. The face cards become the CIO, Salesman, Marketeer, and New Hire, and the Major Arcana boasts cards such as the Hacker, Spam, Sea of Cubicles, and IPO. The art on the Internet version is a little rough, but they offer a paper version of the deck with rehashed art and several new cards. Pity, though, since the dealer and store information seem to be outdated or nonexistent, but maybe this can still be found online somewhere.

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