First Steps

And so it happened that I learned about XaTuring, the patron deity of the Internet. Now, as a computer science student in his last years of undergraduate study, this strikes a chord with me. I mean, I’ve seen a fair bit of how the Internet works, how much we use computational technology in a good deal of our lives, and how people act on the Internet. It’s fitting on some level, then, for a deity to come into being as a lord or embodiment of the Internet. After all, there have been stranger gods and patrons (St. Drogo, patron of unattractive people; Meretseger, Egyptian goddess of the silence at graves; etc.).

But a deity of the Internet? The Internet, as we know, is a man-made construct. It was made with a purpose, as ARPANET in the 1960s and 1970s to speed communication in the case of a large assault on the US. Of course, invention is the mother of necessity, and since it existed we have added more and more functionality to it, resulting in what is now the Internet. It is not simply a collection of SMTP, IRC, WWW, or FTP servers anymore. The number of protocols has exploded, as has the number of users. As the number of users has grown, we keep finding more and more uses, and thus more and more needs, for the Internet; as more complex systems arise, more loopholes and vulnerabilities are made for some to exploit. The Internet, in many senses of the word, has grown and continues to do so.

I do a lot on the Internet. I spend a good amount of my time on it at home and at class, and once I get a job I’ll probably be on the Internet then, too. I have a Facebook, AIM, Yahoo, and now a blog. I enjoy MMORPGs and MUDs, or I used to, rather, when I had the time. I occasionally spend time with large groups of friends and people on IRC. It’s fair to say that I’ve constructed a fairly strong digital self; it’s only fair, then, to keep a running log of where this digital self goes and what it sees in the distance. And because the digital self is so closely tied to the physical self, it’s also fair to keep track of the interactions between those two, as well. I’ll discuss things pertinent to me and to my communities, physical and electronic all, along with scattered bits of occultism, divination (especially my favorite, geomancy), culture, and trivia. Hope you enjoy and walk with me for a bit sometime.

And while I’m at it? Hail XaTuring.

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